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Collection: "I think that they're badass." Is AOC right about youth today?

Collected here are the first drafts--along with comments, suggestions, and revisions--of a letter to Representative Ocasio-Cortez, arguing whether or not the writer agrees with what AOC is saying in this video:


  1. Start by writing a draft of a "Letter to AOC" by following this guide: Letter to AOC, using Google Docs, Microsoft Word, or a similar word processor. Click this template: Letter to AOC, then click the blue box: Use Template. Or click here to make a copy of this document.
  2. Upload your letter to NowComment (Here's how). Join this Study Group: Partnerships for the Goals then add your document to this collection.
  3. Read the drafts of three other youth in this collection: the one above you, the one below you and one other. Add comments and make suggestions to help each of your peers to revise and improve their writing.
  4. Revise your own writing based on the comments you receive.

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