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How To Perform Canon Printer Reset Wifi?

If you are a Canon printer user, chances are you might have confronted the Canon printer default password issue. This blog talks at length about some understandable strategies like “Canon Printer Reset Wifi” to overhaul this issue. We cannot deny how printers have become an indispensable part of our lives and in today’s fast-paced world, having a printer has become quintessential. The market is flooded with a myriad of printer brands, but one such incredible printer brand, that doesn’t need any introduction is Canon. Canon is a sought-after printer brand, time and again proving itself as a phenomenal printer company. Canon printers are instilled with robust technology and easy-to-use applicability, making them a popular brand among users.


Default Password for Canon printers


Usually, these details are available on the Canon printer:


  • User Name

  • Password


if you are a user, then the password and default password are as follows:


  • User name: user

  • Password: access


If you are the administrator then:


  • Username: admin

  • Password: access


How to change the Canon printer default password


  • Open the internet browser

  • In the search bar, enter the machine’s IP address

  • Type the default password

  • Select Administrator

  • If you are unable to access Administrator, select Login Password. Choose the Type New password option and enter the new password.

  • To confirm the new password, re-enter the new password

  • Tap on Submit to save the new password.


How to change Canon's default password to mitigate the Canon printer login issue


One of the easiest ways to resolve various printer problems is by resetting the printer. Resetting the printer can be executed by navigating to the control panel on the printer or by changing the Canon printer default password. To edit the Canon printer default password, do as following:


  • Remove all the connections of the printer except the power cable.

  • Press the menu icon or settings icon.

  • Select the LAN or network option.

  • Pick Factory Reset or Network reset option.

  • Press OK.

  • Click on Reset followed by Yes.

  • Voila, your password and printer are reset. Fasten all the removed connections and your printer shall start operating adequately.


How to access the Canon printer Wi-Fi password and reconnect to the network?


  • If by any chance you have forgotten the wi-fi name or password, you could get hold of it on the backside of the modem.

  • Navigate to the control panel console.

  • Tap on the menu button.

  • Select settings, followed by All Settings.

  • Visit Networks and click Ok.

  • Tap on Network reset and select Ok.

  • Press 1 to choose it followed by repressing 1 to confirm it.

  • This shall set the rebooting process.

  • Press Ok 3 times to launch the setup wizard.

  • Select the Wi-Fi network you are using.

  • Type the Wi-Fi password. Press ok to confirm. Congrats, your Canon printer is connected to the wi-fi.


So these are the steps for “How To Reset Canon Printer To Factory Settings”. If you want to know more then call us on our given number on the website

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