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HP Printers Troubleshooting Guide For You.

Users of HP printers frequently complain that the machine halts printing and occasionally fails to produce prints of high quality. In order to assist every user, we conducted research to identify the most frequent issues and created this troubleshooting guide for HP printers. This guide will cover a variety of topics, including why your HP printer produces prints of poor quality, why it won't print black ink, what's causing the printer status to be offline or paused, and much more. We will also provide you with 6 well-researched fixes for these problems. Additionally, you will discover here “HP Printers Troubleshooting Guide” on Windows 7.


HP Printer Troubleshooting Paper Jam


  • Now, we will tell you the solution to the most commonly encountered problem. To clear the HP printer paper jam, consider the 4 steps mentioned here. 

  • Unplug your device and remove the telephone line cord if connected. Pull out the paper tray. Search for jammed paper and remove it. Then place the tray back in the device. 

  • Now, pull up the scanner cover. Examine the position of the print head. If it is in the corner, bring it to the center slowly and check underneath for jammed paper. Remove the bits when you find them. Also, look at the right and left sides for pieces of paper. Then close the scanner cover. 

  • Power on your HP printer and connect the telephone line cord again. The HP printer paper jam error will have been settled. 


HP Printer Troubleshooting Not Printing Black


When your HP printer stops printing black, you may run out of ink especially when you print frequently; but if that is not the correct reason, then you can try the few steps given here. 


  • Ensure that the breather tape has been removed from the ink cartridge.

  • The ink in the black cartridge may be low in levels. We will suggest you replace it with a new one.

  • Check whether the black cartridge is of low quality or not. If yes, then replace it with the cartridge recommended in the HP printer manual.

  • In case of printhead clogging, consider cleaning it. 


HP Printer Troubleshooting on Windows 7


For those of you who are unable to print from your HP printer on Windows 7, here is a procedure to reinstall the HP printer driver as a quick fix for the problem. 


  • Your device and computer should be on. Login to your system with Administrative rights. Put the CD you received with the Operating System into the CD drive. Select your language on the language screen if it pops up and then opens “My Computer”. Click twice on the “MFL-PRO” icon. 

  • Tap “Advanced” in the CD-ROM main menu. Then go to “Repair MFL-Pro Suite”. You will be asked to click “Yes” to turn off the machine and remove the USB cable. After that, select “Local Connection (USB) and press “Next”. 

  • Now, you will be prompted to connect the cable. Lift the scanner cover of the printer and lock it in the open position. Attach the USB cable to the USB socket inside your device. Route the cable into the cable channel and out of the device’s back. Now, close the scanner cover. 

  • Connect the power cord to start your printer and the installation will continue. Wait for some time for the installation to finish. Make sure that you do not cancel any of the screens during the process. 

  • When an “On-Line Registration” screen appears, go through the on-screen set of instructions and then click on “Next”. After the setup is complete, you can uncheck the option “Set as default printer” if you so wish and click “Next”. Then uncheck the option “Trial Photo Print”. 

  • Tick “Yes, I want to restart my computer now” and hit “Finish”. Your system will restart after which you will have to log in with the administrator rights. Then the “Check for firmware updates” screen will emerge. Select the firmware update settings and proceed by pressing “Ok”.

  • Now, the “HP Product Research & Support Program” will begin. Follow the instructions on your screen. After this, try to print. The error will have been sorted now. 


We hope, after reading this “Hp Printer Troubleshooting” guide, you would have fixed your device and begun printing your important documents. Just like this informative piece, we have another useful blog with solutions for HP printers offline. Also, if you are looking for more solutions to fix the HP printer paper jams, then you can have a look at our well-explained guide

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