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Brother Printer Not Connecting To Wifi

Before you know how do I set up WiFi on my Brother Printer, first follow the above-given steps to connect your printer. After completing these steps, proceed with the Brother Printer WiFi setup. You will also be asked to enter the security key or password to connect your printer to WiFi. Above is mentioned how do I enter my WiFi password on my Brother Printer, take help from there. Follow the below steps to fix “Brother Printer Not Connecting To Wifi”.


  • After completing the connection, you need to install Brother Printer software to complete the setup.

  • Windows users, go to the Brother Printer’s official website and look for the download section. From here, download the “Full driver & Software package” after this, follow the on-screen instructions, and complete the process.

  • Mac users, go to the Brother Printer’s official website and look for the download section. From here, download the “Full driver & Software package.” After this, follow the on-screen instructions and complete the process.

  • Go as instructed; otherwise, you may face some issues while using the machine.

  • This is how I set up my Brother's internet connection completely with drivers and software. Follow this complete method for the Brother Printer WiFi setup.


How do I Connect my Brother Printer to my Computer Wirelessly?


Brother Printer provides wireless connection features; also, you can connect your laptop and computer to your printer. You don’t have to use any wired connection for printing your documents; you can give commands to print documents from anywhere in your home. If you want to know how do I connect my wireless Brother Printer to my laptop, then follow the given instructions.


  • Power ON your router and the laptop or computer.

  • Turn ON your Brother Printer and go to the machine’s control panel and press the menu button.

  • Inside the menu, go to the “Network” section and then to the “WLAN” option.

  • Now click on the “Setup wizard” and click on “Enter” when you see Network I/F switched to Wireless on the screen.

  • Find your network from the given list and click on Enter; you will be asked to give the security key or password.

  • After successful verification, your device is now connected.

  • You can now take a test print to check if the connection is working fine or not.

  • Go through this simple process and know-how do I connect my Brother Printer to my wireless network. These are steps that one needs to follow if searching for “how do you connect a Brother Printer to your computer.”


Isn't it simple to connect a Brother printer to WiFi on a Windows or Mac computer? Furthermore, if you encounter “How To Connect Brother Printer To Computer Using Wifi” while attempting to connect, you can always use the solutions provided in this post, which will undoubtedly assist you.


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