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The average of Node.js developers salaries

The average Node.js developer salary can vary widely, anywhere from 50 to 100 percent, depending on how long the candidate has been working with the platform. For 100%, you can take the salary of a senior Node.js engineer in the U.S. for about 100 thousand dollars a year. In Central Europe (Estonia, Croatia, etc.), the average salary of such a specialist will be about 50 thousand dollars per year.

Indeed.com further breaks down the difference in Node.js developer salary between junior and senior levels. While the average developer of this technology has three to nine years of programming experience, those with senior-level experience can expect to bring in far more than their junior counterparts (which is why a full-stack Node.js developer salary is so high).

Source: https://procoders.tech/blog/average-node-js-developer-salary/

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