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"Men Speak Up" by Akin Olunsanya

My soul is burdened, seems like I’m in the dark
And my mind, overwhelmed
A man with great pride
Had all, lost all, (5)
Everything in me yelling for help
Remember growing up
as a young male,
the world telling me
Always be strong (10)
Now I’m down on life’s luck
A man going on to thirty four
With no navigation to weather the storm
Strange, now I’m losing my sleep (15)
No more appetite to eat
My once good health
Failing me
Anxiety. Depression, bipolar personality disorder,
Schizophrenia … (20)
C’mon fellas,
These are very real
My admonishment therefore is to men:
Let’s all speak up, rise, seek help
Get counselling, embrace therapy (25)
Know that MIND cares

Written for Mind as part of Mental Health Awareness Week 2018, this poem by Akin Olunsanya asks men to stop ignoring the reality of mental illness and find the courage to speak up.

What this poem teaches us: That mental illness has no bias. It doesn’t care how tough or strong you are, it doesn’t care about your age, race or gender. It can still affect you and it’s OK to reach out for support. Find out how we can all make a change to support men’s mental health.

DMU Timestamp: October 19, 2020 19:17

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