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10v10 Scrimmage

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Nov 18
Eamon T (Nov 18 2020 2:13PM) : Good time to go more

The defense is really spread out, this would be a great time for Tschurr to threaten the defense a bit and see how they react. The ballside attackman and he could run s little 2-man game, or the A could just cut to the crease to open up space for him.

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Nov 18
Eamon T (Nov 18 2020 2:15PM) : Think ahead. more

Ball gets thrown away. Don’t hang your head. Make the next good play. They’re picking it up with a M, so we should have 2 A on it to force the redirect and deny the easy clear. Too much loafing here.

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Nov 18
Eamon T (Nov 18 2020 2:18PM) : Gotta beat that dude. more

Good D from Jan here, but Bobby, that dude is a SS. Make your move early and run past him. At the least, you should be able to penetrate a little one way or the other to get the D to hedge before you move the ball. You partner didn’t even have a chance to mirror your dodge. Run past that guy.

10v10 scrimmage from October Tryouts

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DMU Timestamp: November 12, 2020 20:50

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