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Inferno Discussion

In a post of 300-400 words and in TWO separate paragraphs, answer the following questions about Dante's Inferno.

In addition to your answers, your initial post needs to include three things: (1) An original question written by you about the topic(s) you decided to write about, (2) two direct quotes from the poem that support your answers with in-text citations (using APA format), and (3) a reference for the poem (using APA format). When posting to your replies, choose a document-level comment.

First Paragraph -- Choose One

1. Discuss Dante’s ordering of sins, particularly the lower circles. How do the values he assigned to murder, suicide, and the various types of fraud and betrayal relate to twenty-first-century morality?

2. How is Virgil’s presence vital to Dante’s journey through Hell in Inferno?

3. Briefly discuss Dante’s use of the numbers three and one, and combi- nations of those numbers. Provide at least two examples of how these numbers function in the poem.

4. Select three circles (or sublevels) of Inferno and explain how the punishment fits the sin.

5. How would you describe Dante the Pilgrim’s worldview at the beginning of the poem? What types of symbolism does he use to convey his situation to the reader?

Second Paragraph

Briefly compare and contrast The Odyssey with Inferno. Choose three points of comparison.


When posting to your replies, choose a document-level comment.

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