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Are Eco Bags Useful?

Group 1 (Members): Dea, Safira, Adinda, Elky, Dika, Fauziah

Eco bag is kind of bag for carrying things you have bought that can be used many times and does not harm the environment, because it is made from natural materials. Research stated that ecobags not only recycle material that would be going to waste, they also eliminate the need for single-use plastic bags that have proven to harm the environment (United Nations Climate Change). There are several other reasons why eco bag is useful.

First, eco bags are reusable, because, it is made with woven or non woven polypropylene. Moreover, eco bag is also stronger than plastic bag. Eco bags can carry more weight than regular plastic bags and are less like to tear even when packed with sharp objects. This means quicker bagging, fewer bags to carry, fewer trips to and from your vehicle, and easier loading and unloading. Second, in terms of environmental issues, eco bags are made from materials that can be broken down into pieces easily. Some eco bags are made from natural materials called biodegradable. Then, they can also reduce pollution because we don’t have to burn it like plastic bags. Lastly, eco bags are more aesthetically pleasing than plastic bags (The Yale Ledger, 2022).

From the four reasons above, it can be concluded that eco bags are useful especially for the environment, therefore, more and more people try to move from using plastic bags to eco bags in their daily life.

DMU Timestamp: March 17, 2023 08:51

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