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The Legend of MalinKundang


A long time ago, in a small village near the beach in West Sumatra, a woman and her son lived. They were MalinKundang and her mother. Her mother was a single parent because MalinKundang's father had passed away when he was a baby.


MalinKundang had to live hard with his mother (Events) MalinKundang was a healthy, dilligent, and strong boy. He usually went to sea to catch fish. After getting fish he would bring it to his mother, or sold the caught fish in the town. One day, when MalinKundang was sailing, he saw a merchant's ship which was being raided by a small band of pirates. He helped the merchant. With his brave and power, MalinKundang defeated the pirates.

The merchant was so happy and thanked to him. In return the merchant asked MalinKundang to sail with him. To get a better life, MalinKundang agreed. He left his mother alone. Many years later, MalinKundang became wealthy. He had a huge ship and was helped by many ship crews loading trading goods. Perfectly he had a beautiful wife too. When he was sailing his trading journey, his ship landed on a beach near a small village. The villagers recognized him. The news ran fast in the town; “MalinKundang has become rich and now he is here”. An old woman ran to the beach to meet the new rich merchant. She was MalinKundang’s mother.

She wanted to hug him, released her sadness of being lonely after so long time. Unfortunately, when the mother came, MalinKundang who was in front of his well dressed wife and his ship crews denied meeting that old lonely woman. For three times her mother begged MalinKundang and for three times he yelled at her. At last MalinKundang said to her "Enough, old woman! I have never had a mother like you, a dirty and ugly woman!" After that he ordered his crews to set sail. He would leave the old mother again but in that time she was full of both sadness and angriness. Finally, enraged, she cursed MalinKundang that he would turn into a stone if he didn't apologize. MalinKundang just laughed and really set sail.


In the quiet sea, suddenly a thunderstorm came. His huge ship was wrecked and it was too late for MalinKundang to apologize. He was thrown by the wave out of his ship. He fell on a small island. It was really too late for him to avoid his curse. Suddenly, he turned into a stone.

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