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Rodney King by Thurz, Album LA Riot

Author: Thurz

[Verse: - Thurzday]
Man, this games a buzz-killer
Who would've thought the Bulls uh fall to Indiana
Miller? Jordan scoring 22 and and Reggie dropping 40
And I'm betting 200 thought the money was in the bag
That went surely
The homie took the glory as I took another shot
Of the Henney passin Freddy, B.A., he had the weed rolled
As we left the spot, top notch crop
Hopped in a Hyundai Excel, the four door, manual lock
Mary Jane, we blow, windows, we roll
Intoxicated, blasting tunes out the radio
Eighty on the freeway, not thinking about parole, roll
Til these CHP's mashed out the cut, they start to follow
Threw on the blue-red lights, but my mind like
Fuck jail tonight, no D.U.I for for I
I'm ashing out of sight, out the window goes the green
Increased speeds, I'm at one-seventeen
I'm over the alcohol limit at point nineteen
I'm in violation
But a black man in 1991 is better off racing
I'm Rodney King

[Verse: 2 - Thurzday]
Mashing the exit; the two-ten
Like Mad Men, they bring the work out for dark skins
I'm all in, chances thin for the win
I'm driving all directions, rush like lineman
They got the helicopters out, and auctioneers backing out
Seventy-five in that residential, lead with no pencil is drawn out
Flat out of luck, do I tap out
L.A.P.D. word of mouth, got me assed out
They order us out the car, the two homies step out
But I feel like I've came too far to be another nigga back behind bars
With my back against the wall
[Amurs?] talking shit like fuck it
This probably my last day as a free man, this is it
I'm laughing, waving at the [?] a bird, I flip it
Grab my ass and tell these pigs to kiss it
A lady cop bitch points like I'm armed
Word, you think every nigga got a gun, huh
[Verse: 3 - Thurzday]
The pigs tried to swarm on me
They say I physically resist
I'm trying to stand my ground, I'm just a one man army
Not swinging, but I toss two off my back
The officers regroup, and start to fall back
They bring the taser out, fire into my back
They think I'm on PCP, and I ain't even attack
Fall to my knees, then stand to a death trap
They tase me again, am I threat, or cause I'm black

It was a good day, until I hit the highway
In my rear view mirror, I see the doughnut-chariot of hate
With no time to contemplate a plan of escape
I follow my heart rate and choose to flee as fast as my vehicle can accelerate
Now the one car is three, all filled with over-seeing beast
Famished with an appetite of humiliation
Derogation, feigning to beat me to the days of segregation
Out of the car, onto the pavement
Boots to the face, went in and out of focus
Trying to beat my black blue
But I would never be you, pigs, you
Boys in blue supposed to serve and protect
Well today you served me an ass whooping
And tried to break my neck

[Verse: 4 - Thurzday]
I'm crawling on my hands and knees
Trying to leave harm - hit in the head with the baton
I'm knocked to the ground, they wanna' keep down
I hear one officer say, "that's enough now"
I rise to my knees, and receive more blows
Total of fifty-six, with six kicks
Handcuffed and dragged on my stomach on some slave shit
I'm reminded of the slave ship
Thanks to George Holliday or you will never hear shit

If my blackness sparked a worldwide movement
Would it be considered a revolution
If I put my movement to a beat
Would you forget what the move meant after the industry dumbs it down
Would I serve revolutionary rhythms to the public
Would that same public turn around and make me its enemy
Would you black bar my progressively thought provoking entertainment
Shamelessly [?] holding my creativity into a great depression
Well, beware
This stormy black Monday will morph its way into a black plague of agony
Broken glass, burning buildings coughing up black smoke
My pen would be a molotov cocktail of hope for all those who sit silent
Listening, contemplating violence
Awaiting their turn to play their part in the uprising
Recall, Rodney King Riots

DMU Timestamp: May 12, 2017 15:53

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