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May 17

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May 16
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May 15

To effectively reach teenagers and develop and strengthen youth ministry in Continental Europe, you need missionaries who have the skills .

May 14

Sports does a lot for us humans. It provides employment opportunities, but Sports laws should have connections with that of online sports betting in order to control some illegal activities between them. Even Sports games should also so be considered in such laws. I’ll let known other things to be considered as soon as there is an observation.
I hope this treated well.

May 12
on Eleven

The line from the passage I loved and connected to is “That’s when everything I’ve been holding in since this morning, since when Mrs. Price put the sweater on my desk, finally lets go, and all of sudden I’m crying in front of everybody “. I chose this line because, I can relate to students and have witnessed students have meltdowns. It can happen to anyone, when a student is overwhelmed, frustrated, upset, and emotions overtake them. This also can happen when a student becomes frustrated when they don’t comprehend the content due to their language proficiency.

May 12
on Eleven

The accommodations I would provide to Emergent Bilinguals at the beginning proficiency levels is Guided Reading and Extended Response. Literature Response Groups gives EB’s more options to express themselves and engage in the lesson. It also will a way to assess students comprehension.

May 12
on Eleven

I would engage all students with the short story through “Literary Response Groups”. Each student in each group will read a section of the story. Each time the numbers in the story are read, the group will read the numbers together aloud. I will also have students read aloud together any sentences/passages that are repeated in the story. Afterwards students will share a time that they felt emotions like Rachel’s in the form of discussions.

May 11

I am thinking this challenge to present multimodal creations tasks librarians as well.

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