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Does increased government intervention lead to xenophobia among its people?

  • over 1 year ago


    Xenophobia, the Other Face of Racism Information-grey

    Alexander Dawoody

    America is the land of immigrants. This unique quality is both a blessing and a source of ongoing problems. The blessing arrives from the fact that it is the composition of many different immigrant populations that brought to the young country talent, expertise, skills, hard work and dedication that contributed to the building of the nation and making it the most powerful on earth. It does not take long for one to look at America and witness the world assembled in its mosaic. Yet, and despite the uniqueness of this blessing, the American mosaic has its troubling aspect as well, manifested in tensions that burp out in forms of racism. However, due to the collective good of the American people and the progressive policies to create a better and more integrated and cooperative human society, this ugly symptom is gradually fading and retreating to the trash bin of history. The recent election of Barack Obama by majority of Americans as the first African-American President of the United States is an example of this direction.

    With globalization, however, racism is giving birth to another form of hate and discrimination. It...

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  • over 1 year ago


    The Social Stigma Surrounding Foreigners Information-grey

    The Social Stigma Surrounding Foreigners

    Nevertheless, that general feeling of the individual being foreign, almost to the extent of not even being the same species, still applies. Those most heavily affected by such sensibilities would be apt to think that not only would immigrant rights to fail to pertain to illegal aliens, but too, that basic human rights should not come into play. 

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  • over 1 year ago


    Is There A Cure For Hate? Information-grey

    Is There A Cure For Hate?

    Eric Westervelt



    6 November 2018

    Radio / Under 800 Words


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