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In her "Peer-to-Peer Review" column Barbara Fister wrote:
...we just read and discussed Vannevar Bush’s 1945 essay, “As We May Think,” in which he sketches out a means of organizing and sharing information using “trails of association” rather than indexing. To dabble in the concept of “trails of association,” we used a tool called Nowcomment to share our reactions. Students found it interesting to discuss the work this way, and see one another’s insights as they were reading the essay. Library Journal, March 2012

Amy Campbell, Assistant Director of Duke University's Center for Instructional Technology, wrote "If you would like your students to discuss and annotate documents online in a way which allows rich conversations to develop, NowComment may be the tool you are looking for." CIT blog, October 2011.

Fred Rossoff of Columbia University's EdLab (the educational technology arm of Teacher's College) gave NowComment a nice review:
"strong case for the educational uses of NowComment… looks like it could create the space needed for deeper discussions, by allowing simultaneous organized interactions." http://edlab.tc.columbia.edu/index.php?q=node/6334, August 2010.

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