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Nov 24
I wonder how Alonzo feels about taking care of Tish’s kid
Nov 24

I’ve been teaching now for only 4 years, but I think there is a valid point to be made about what you have said. There’s been students who do nothing but game outside of class and their work in class showed. However, the majority of the gamer students have a good balance and can keep up. I roughly estimate that less than 10% cannot find the balance.

Nov 24

As a teacher myself, we are trying to track students at the beginning of high school and track them into programs that translate to a four year progression to career fields. While I think there is some merit to it, its hard to tell students to make very important decisions at the age of 14 or younger.

Nov 24

I think if we introduce this an elective where the risk is low, a lot of parents won’t freak out. Also, allowing parents to see what their students are up to would ease their minds.

Nov 24

In my opinion, the most significant issue with a rural community like mine. We have students with extremely slow internet or no internet. We can bandaid some of this with mobile hotspots or vehicles providing wireless connections but those are not permanent.

Nov 24

I agree that there are some students who can find their passion with affinity networks and those who would not. So I think this has to be a very select voluntary students who are going to get something out of this.

Nov 24

In this sentence he tells Winston how taking away words could cancel out an entire generation. This would taking away moments, memorizes, emotions, perspectives and etc. in a persons writing. It would be completely ignored because it would not be understood.

Nov 24

A way in which the party remains powerful is by controlling the simple things in their society such as language. For example, Winston wishes to speak his mind but he can’t fully because his vocabulary is limited. He saw this as normal until Syme pointed it out. Having control over someone’s language is like having control over their thought process.

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