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Turning Texts, Images & Videos into Conversations

NowComment has the most sophisticated collaboration tools available for group discussion, annotation, and curation of texts, images, and videos.

It displays threaded commenting alongside the sentences and paragraphs of texts, the areas of images, and timestamps of videos to create engaging online conversations literally in context. Brainstorm, debate, and collaborate as never before!

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Free Accounts

Upload and discuss documents with people you invite or with the whole Internet ("Public Documents") at no cost!

Time Efficient

Interesting comments can be found quickly (they're tied to relevant document passages), and summary lines make skimming fast and easy.


Any sentence, paragraph, image, or video can have multiple conversations, keeping discussions focused and on-topic.

Simple to Use

Our interface is intuitive, your documents are accessible wherever you are, and we do the hosting and maintenance.

Feature-Rich and Scalable

NowComment has the features to handle very large groups: notifications, assignments, subgroups, moderation, and more.

Read It Your Way

By default comments are off to the side (with multiple sort options!), but you can also display comments in-line.

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Aug 9

All ideas may seem crazy at first and if we go asking people their opinions about it we may seem even crazier to them. The best thing we can do with ideas is think about them amongst ourselves and try them out. sometimes we talk ourselves out of ideas and say thing like " this will never work" or listen to people that say " this will never work. Before anything worked in the world it never worked before. So go and try it and see what happens.

Aug 9

Cosmopolitan (definition: including or containing people from many different countries) is different than globalization (the process by which businesses or other organizations develop international influence or start operating on an international scale). The crux being inclusion versus influencing. This reading is so interesting because I see a huge connection between SEL and this idea of cosmopolitanism using artifacts. As we “globalize” it does not mean we empathize, try to gain understanding of the unfamiliar by listening to experience, stores. Many times, perhaps because of the focus on the curriculum and content, students aren’t being taught to engage difference and keep on values and beliefs on “hold” or open for a new perspective. We see this in the banning of books, controversy about CRT and other critical lenses.

Aug 8

This habit got me tremendously when choosing my avatar and creating my profile. At first, it was just a profile I was creating and personalizing with the things that I like, but then when I was asked why I choose the avatar picture and the cover pic It made me realized that sometimes we do things just to get them done without knowing that unconsciously we are reflecting our own persona on it.

Aug 8

while writing the proposal I was driven by my senses and the feelings I got from the outside world. Observing the environment and collecting data allowed me to reflect on how other people may experience when confronting situations they are not familiar with.

Aug 8

for instance, in a students process of investigation alongside peers, will generate new ideas from mistakes or reinforce truths. this can be done through feedback related to that investigative process from peers, correcting steps along the way.

Aug 7

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