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Apr 22

I wonder how big her purse was if she really had everything in it

Apr 22

the boy thank the women and he never saw her again thank you Ma’m"

Apr 22

the said that he should not snatch your purse to buy some suede shoes said Mrs.Luella bates washingtom jones you could ask me.

Apr 22

she was trying to go home and cook something to eat and the boy try to snatch her purse.

Apr 22

roger ask Ms.Luella bates washington jones if she was going to take him to jail and she asnwer not with that face i would not take you nowhere the women said.

Apr 22

know we know that the boy name is roger and ms.Luella bates washington jones trying to help him

Apr 22

the boy stared sweating like crazy he was scare

Apr 22

the boy wanted to hit the dash but the women tell him that he is dirty and needs a face wash.

Apr 22

she is going to take the boy to her house to wash his face because he is dirty.

Apr 22

the women trying to tell the boy that is not good to steal from anyone.

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