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Study Group: Reduced Inequalities

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Collections Comments Invited By Shared
total latest
blog icon Why do Black Women Constantly have to Fight for Equality in the United States? 41 none yet Arual D Mar-02-22 Information-grey
blog icon Where did anti-gay rhetoric used today originate from? 0 none yet Benny J Mar-01-22 Information-grey
blog icon Collection: Anti-transgender Legislation in State Legislatures - Reduced Inequalities's Collection 26 none yet Kurt M Mar-01-22 Information-grey
blog icon Collection: Tulsa Burning - Blindspot, Hosted by KalaLea (2021) 582 none yet Samuel R Nov-22-21 Information-grey
blog icon Collection: Tulsa Race Massacre - Why did it happened? Why is it still relevant today? 261 none yet Samuel R Nov-10-21 Information-grey
blog icon How efficient are the covid aid and support being given to low-income communities? 48 none yet Dylin (Ori) R Mar-19-21 Information-grey
blog icon Collection: The most important step towards equality of opportunity 10 none yet Patrick M Mar-19-21 Information-grey
blog icon Study Group: How do proposed laws impact LGBT rights? 16 none yet Jack L Mar-19-21 Information-grey
blog icon Collection: Are there adequate steps being taken to stop discrimination based on a person’s sexual orientation in Utah? 15 none yet Alyssa B Mar-19-21 Information-grey
blog icon Collection: How can we promote bisexual representation in media (as such tv and movies)? 20 none yet Lisa K Mar-19-21 Information-grey
blog icon Collection: How can our policies for children at the border shift from trauma inflicting to trauma informed? 37 none yet 2020 Amani B Mar-02-20 Information-grey
blog icon Collection: Immigration at the Southern Border 22 none yet Jessica H Jan-02-20 Information-grey
blog icon Collection: U.S Immigration Lessons 1-5, Pew Research Center 18 none yet Paul A Aug-06-19 Information-grey

Documents Comments Invited By Shared
total latest
NATIONAL MONUMENTS UNDER ATTACK 5 ~1 year Sydney M Mar-07-23 Information-grey
Racism and Sexism Combine to Shortchange Working Black Women 12 ~2 years Arual D Mar-02-22 Information-grey
The Historically Responsive Literacy Model: Identity, Skills, Intellect, and Criticality 1 12 months Liz L Jul-16-21 Information-grey
Pride Month: Journals of Color, Issue No. 7, Jun 1, 2021 29 ~3 years Paul A Jun-08-21 Information-grey
Mental health impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on parents in high-risk, low income communities 0 none yet Dylin (Ori) R May-20-21 Information-grey
Former D.C. inmates use virtual meetings for support, encouragement as they adjust to life outside prison 12 ~3 years Sarah J Feb-05-21 Information-grey
HE’S FIGHTING QANON WITH SUNLIGHT 21 ~3 years Miles B Feb-05-21 Information-grey

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