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What is your preferred approach to Leadership?

          Throughout history, there have been countless people that have referred to themselves as leaders, along with countless people that call others, leaders. What then is a leader? A leader is someone that leads and has followers. That much we do know. A leader is someone that develops a path for themselves and others to follow. Chiechi (2020) defines leaders as someone with strong leadership skills, with a personality that takes actions, as someone that motivates others, and lastly, as someone that inspires them to want to follow their direction (Ward & Chiechi, 2020). 

          Leadership has been defined differently by several people. When asked, what is leadership, research by Jacob Morgan for his new book, “The Future Leader” received 140 different answers from 140 different people (Morgan, 2020). Leaders such as CEOs defined leadership as accomplishing their visions and goals for a company, while employees responded that their leader was someone that positively influenced the direction of the company (Morgan, 2020). Leadership is all of these things, but more so, leadership is the ability to inspire others by effectively communicating in a way that will engage or compel them to follow through or act (Mind Tools Content Team, 2020). Leadership is a display of teamwork, motivation, competence, skills, responsibility, communication, power, and support.

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