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Collection: The Turning Point Narrative Return to Group

Guiding questions to support a close reading of the model texts in this collection

These questions could help you to think about the author's choices. Possible guiding questions include:

  • Does the writer use foreshadowing to hint at what may be the turning point?
  • Where does the turning point happen in the text? Why does it occur there?
  • What writing choices does the author make at the turning point?
  • Are the choices the same or different from the text surrounding them?
  • How does the turning point change the writer?
  • Is there a change in belief, value, perspective, or understanding?
  • How do you think the writer wants the reader to react to this turning point and change?
  • How do you react to this turning point and change?
  • What may be the universal lesson or understanding that emerges from the text?


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