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Collection: Is peace possible in the Israel-Hamas War? Return to Group

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Click here to engage with a range of voices and views on the conflict.

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  • Add your own feelings, thoughts, and questions about the war by hitting reply under the question.
  • Reply to our AI Thinking Partners first thoughts.
  • Follow links to their actual speeches, audio journals, and interviews, and comment on those documents.
  • Scroll below to see a growing multimodal collection of first-person accounts, poems, commentaries, and news. Comment and reply yourself or use AI Thinking Partners.

We invite you to comment on the the documents in this collection and to add new ones.

How to add a document to this collection:
  1. Click here and join this Study Group: Peace Justice and Strong Institutions.
  2. Upload a video, images, or text to NowComment. (Click here to see how to upload on NowComment.)
  3. Add that document to this collection by finding it in the dropdown menu.

Table of Contents

  • The first three document are news explainers. The first two also have questions for you to answer. 
  • Read and comment on 5 First-Person Accounts. Later you can use each of these as AI Thinking Partners.
  • Read and comment on 5 Poems.
  • Read and comment on our growing list of Commentators, who will also be available as AI Thinking Partners.
  • Read and comment on 5 Articles.

GPT Thinking Partners to use while you read and comment

Below each AI Thinking Partner here are links to examples of how each responds to different types of texts. Perhaps this is a way for you to meet each of these characters.

  1. Coates Simulator, author and journalist who compares the struggle of African Americans and Palestinians
    (e.g. commentatorpoem, article)
  2. Golan Simulator, 44, October 7th refugee from a kibbutz in Israel
    (e.g. 1st person, poem, article)
  3. Hamas Scholar Simulator
    (e.g. poem, article)
  4. Hamas-Zionist Scholars Dialogue Simulator
    (e.g. poem, article)
  5. Maram Simulator, a Palestinian-American who grew up in Gaza
    (e.g. 1st person, poem, article)
  6. Mosab Simulator, a Palestinian poet from Gaza
    (e.g. revisiting his own poempoem, article, short story)
  7. Rabbi Brous Simulator, a strong social justice leader in Los Angeles
    (e.g. commentator, poem, article)
  8. Shaylee Simulator, Wife of Missing Israeli, kidnapped October 7th
    (e.g. 1st person, poem, article)
  9. Tasneem Simulator, 19, Gaza City
    (e.g. 1st person, poem, article)
  10. Tishby Simulator, Israeli actress, speaker, author, and ardent supporter of Israel
    (e.g. commentatorpoem, article)
  11. Zarlashta Simulator, a child living under seige in Kabul 1992
    (e.g. 1st person, poem, article)
  12. Zionist Scholar Simulator
    (e.g. poem, article)

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