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EDU 807 Master - Week 2 - How to Apply the SAMR Model with Ruben Puentedura - Summer 2018 - Group 2

How to Apply the SAMR Model with Ruben Puentedura

In the video, you will hear Dr. Puentedura talk about four levels of technology integration -- substitution, augmentation, modification, and redefinition -- as well as an example of how teaching a specific topic might change at each of these levels.

View the entire video, then describe a way that you currently use technology to substitute or augement a current assignment or activity you use in your classroom/context, and then describe a way that you might modify or redefine that same assignment.

Of course, once you share your own ideas, please reply to your classmates. Questions that might help push their thinking:

  • How do you think the way you have changed __ will lead your students to __?
  • What do you predict your students will have difficulty with when doing __?
  • What might they find easier or more interesting about __?
  • How will __ help your students engage more deeply with __?

DMU Timestamp: January 02, 2017 19:32

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