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A Petition To Educate the Community About Oakland's Dropout Rates

Author: Ninth Grade Students

To: [Superintendent] of all OUSD Schools.

The issue that we are facing is the rising dropout rates in Oakland Public High Schools. Since the year of 2005, the dropout rate at Oakland Public High Schools has begun to rise. It’s begun to rise so much that within the state of California, Oakland Public High Schools have the highest dropout rate compared to all other California cities. Students have been dropping out of high school for all different kinds of reason, yet through research and surveys we have found that the most prominent reasons why students have been dropping out of high school is because of poverty either within their family or neighborhood, violence, and drugs. Kids who have grown up in poverty usually grow up in bad neighborhoods. This then leads to kids either dropping out of school to support themselves or their family, or them dropping out to join gangs as they see it’s the only way out. The only way possible to stop these dropouts from becoming even more frequent is to demand, to the highest of authority within the Oakland Public School District, that we need change.

We are demanding to have another Counselor at every Oakland school to focus on kids that are about to drop out. We will demand another counselor that will focus on the students who are about to drop out. We will demand that each grade in the Oakland Public High School system will receive exactly one new counselor. These new counselors will know which students to focus their attention on according to their grades and attendance, being whether or not they’re failing most of their classes, or how many of their classes they have been missing. These counselors will then do the most they can with their given power to help these failing students bring their attendance and grades up. That help might be in the form of extracurricular classes that help bring grades up or contacting and setting up meetings with the student's parents where they will talk about how they could bring up the student's attendance of the classes that they have been missing.

Jair Estrada: [email protected]

Zachary Kirchstetter: [email protected]

Jalen Dawkins: [email protected]

Sign here if you support our petition:

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