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Columbus schools auditorium should be a priority

Author: Rourke Hanson, Dalton Marjerison, Kayla Flemetis, Tyler Carvey

In a letter to the local newspaper, two Columbus, MT students argue that building a school auditorium should be a priority for the local school district. The writers use coherent and logical reasoning, specifically a cost-benefit analysis, to demonstrate how a new auditorium would benefit the community. To address their principal’s concerns about cost the writers argue, “While it is true that an auditorium is a costly project, we have an idea to cut the cost tremendously. Instead of building an entirely new foundation, we could repurpose a current structure.” They also draw on a community survey to emphasize the project’s benefits, “Community residents responding to our survey suggested that a new auditorium could be used by many school organizations as well as community organizations.”

DMU Timestamp: April 27, 2018 17:09

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