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Petition to Introduce a Pilot Rap Program at [high school]

Author: Students from Oakland Unified School District

To: Mr. Phil Rydeen, Manager and VIsual and Performing Arts of the Oakland Unified School DIstrict

Currently, music programs in the OUSD are neglecting many students that are passionate about a music not typically provided, rap. For many students such as ourselves, music is a very important part of our lives. However, many students are missing out on this opportunity simply because our music program does not provide a rap program or class. If these students continue to miss out on the educational benefits, creative opportunities, and outlets for stress that music can bring to their lives, they will continue to fall through the cracks that standard education has neglected to cover up. In addition, students are not provided with many opportunities to create, or think outside the box that a regular school day confines them to. By providing them with a class they will be passionate about taking, we aim to change that.

We, the undersigned supporters of this program, propose to start a new class next year after school on Mondays and Thursdays from 3:45 to 5:15 as a pilot program at [high school] which will focus on the fundamentals, history, and the power of rap and hip-hop. Kev Choice, the Bay Area based rapper, composer, and teacher, who is currently at OSA, would be a great teacher for this program because of his passion and his connection with this form of music. It may not be possible to get Kev Choice to do this job because he is already teaching, but someone with the experiences similar to Kev Choice would also be an amazing teacher for this program. We ask for the funding and support for a new program like this, because music should be available for kids of all backgrounds. Everyone deserves to learn how to play the music they are passionate about, and express themselves in a constructive way. If this class works out for the kids, we would like to see others like it appear at other OUSD high schools in the future.

Nathaniel Nakadegawa-Lee: [email protected] or (510)-328-0995

Nicholas Reeves: [email protected] or (510)-681-3692


DMU Timestamp: April 27, 2018 17:09

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