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Children Are Not For Sale

Author: Jennifer, Melody, Francisco

Dear Westcoast Children’s Clinic:

We chose to write to your organization because we want to help stop child sex trafficking. We know that by doing this we won’t necessarily stop worldwide child trafficking, but we believe that by raising our voices and standing up for the victims we are a drop on the penny of a big topic. We noticed that your organization would be a great ally for us because we are all fighting for the same thing.

We both agree that child sex trafficking is a big issue in Oakland. The issue is so big that clarified by Equality Now, “About 2 million children are exploited every year in the global commercial sex trade” (Equality Now). We all believe child sex trafficking is a huge issue that is not talked about and that’s a problem especially in Oakland. Since Oakland is common for its diversity in race it is important to look at the racial breakdown in child sex trafficking. stated, “Over 91% of the girls participating in Los Angeles’ STAR Court, a court for child sex trafficking victims, are African American or Latino” (Thorn). This clarifies that African American or Latino victims are the ones that are being impacted more greatly than other races and since Oakland is a community with a majority of African Americans and Latinos, that percentage also affects us and the community knowing that there are child sex trafficking victims in Oakland.

There are many organizations that support child sex trafficking victims and educate others more about sex trafficking. All of these acts are all acts of social change. Social change is tactics that make an impact on an issue that people do to change the issue to better. We analyzed tactics of social change that your organization used and we know that you used direct service because you are giving direct help to victims also people can go into clinics and get more information and get enlightened. Other hashtags that are popular in social media from Instagram is #humantrafficking which is a form of community organizing. Marches and rallies were organized by the community and public to show their support against child sex trafficking.

Based on all the statistics of child sex trafficking we are planning to stand outside of Life Academy High School and have information about child sex trafficking and clinics that support victims. We will also be having a jar for donations for Westcoast Children’s Clinic. The stand will take place after school once all students are dismissed from class. We are also going to be attending every high school advisory at Life Academy and pass out flyers and announce that we will be outside of the school after school. Additionally, we are going to create an Instagram account where we will be posting our stand and also to have a platform where people can listen to what we have to say. The hashtag that we are going to be putting all of our posts under is #Childernnot4Sale. With this hashtag, we believe that we can come to a consensus with others. We are confident in our plan because most people aren’t aware of child sex trafficking or any resources they can use if they know someone or is personally affected by this topic. We are going to enlighten our community and convince others to join us to fight against child sex trafficking and those who contribute to it.

Thanks to your clinic that supports children you have made an action that will spread awareness about child sex trafficking.

Help support us in the fight against child sex trafficking by following this account on Instagram @Childrennot4sale

Sincerely, Jennifer, Melody, Francisco

Annotated Bibliography

“Child Sex Trafficking Is a Cycle of Abuse .” Child Sex Trafficking Statistics, Thorn, 2018,

Thorn is a child sex trafficking organization and shows different statistics they update yearly. Thorn is also in partnership with Google and Amazon. Thorn also works with non-profit, government, and law enforcement.

“Sex Trafficking Fact Sheet .” Sex Trafficking Fact Sheet, Equality Now,

Equality Now a website for girls and women all over the world. Equality Now is also global and has information and statistics on issues that affect women. Equality Now is also a female based organization.


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