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Fight for DACA

Author: Emely, German, and Josue

Dear Undocumedia:

We hope you are striving in your work like always! We are writing to you today because we wanted to bring more awareness to the (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals)DACA. We noticed Undocumedia is a non-profit organization that supports DACA. Additionally, on the Instagram page of Undocumedia, it shows a video of Ivan Ceja a co-founder and executive director talking about helping refugees with needed materials. We believe that DACA holds our community stronger, without it, we will lose a lot of strong people holding us in sync.

The issue we unfortunately face is that the Trump administration is trying to remove DACA, and to defund the Dreamer act, because he’s ICE being more mobile, and going after more immigrants than they did before. One of these scares happened in the Bay Area mainly in Oakland, CA. In this case, the mayor of Oakland, Libby Schaaf released a statement saying, “I learned information from multiple sources, that there is potentially an ICE activity planned in the Bay Area¨(The This is showing how once trump has become president ICE became more mobile with the immigration of immigrants. This caused Libby Schaaf to release this statement to protect and warn the immigrants of the Bay Area, this caused Trump to respond to Ms. Schaaf and said that Ms. Schaaf is a disgrace, this shows how trump targets any person who is helping the immigrants and how he doesn’t want them to be vocal at all. This is why we believe that with our proposal we can get more and more people talking about this so it becomes a more pressing matter and lead to more change in the way Trump responds to the comments or it can lead to the government to change laws so it will not repeal DACA and keep it. DACA is important to keep because of the number of people it protects and benefit from it,“800,000 young immigrants known as ‘Dreamers’ are currently protected from deportation under DACA”(The New York Times). Trump claims that he will take care of these dreamers and that they do not have to worry anymore and can rest easy. But in reality, they cannot they can still be targeted by ICE and have to constantly live in fear of losing there DACA which can get them kicked out their job, School or just be deported back. In the end, the Trump administration does not care about these dreamers, so we have to speak out and raise our voice to show that we do.

We are highly aware of this amazing non-profit being nationally recognized for directly assisting Hispanic communities, helping students apply for DACA, and providing reliable news of ICE alerts around a designated location. To begin, thy has provided sleeping bags, tents, blankets, jackets, gloves, beanies, hoodies sweaters, food, diapers, and medicine to people who are seeking asylum in the US from the US-Mexican Border. Additionally, helping unapplied students sign up for DACA is such of an impactful but yet beautiful action to do.

As upstanders, we will organize movements to support DACA. For instance, we will

  • Bring awareness
  • Wear Nationality or Orange
  • Make Signs
  • Teaming up with Black Lives Matter group
  • Emailing the Principal
  • Getting out Announcements

The steps we will take to make this movement work is getting the word out to others. We will escalate as needed by reaching out to as many people as we can. The support we need to make this movement stronger is talking to a non-profit organization like Undocumedia to share a movement we are trying to create. We are confident in our plan because we have seen Undocumedia share information on their social media pages that support DACA.


Emely, German, and Josue


Annotated Bibliography:

Michael. “Trump Moves to End DACA and Calls on Congress to Act.” The New York Times, The New York Times, 5 Sept. 2017,

The New York Time is a trusted news source that’s been around for a long time and created it fan bases. This group is a good source for news especially coving the president.

Flynn, Meagan. “Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf Tipped off Immigrants about ICE Raid and Isn’t Sorry She Did.” The Washington Post, WP Company, 28 Feb. 2018,

The Washington Post is a trustworthy source for news and can be relied on.


DMU Timestamp: April 27, 2018 17:09

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