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"La Jolla Cove [San Diego]," Angelee Deodhar

Author: Angelee Deodhara

La Jolla Cove/Sunset Cliffs San Diego California, Seals and Sea Lions from sigurkim on Vimeo.

We walk down along the cove to watch mud-colored harbor seals, shapeless as the rocks upon which they sprawl lazily, occasionally barking or nudging each other and waking others by jostling, playing, pushing, while fat blue-grey-white gulls walk the parapet begging for scraps from picnic goers. A lady sits on a wooden bench playing the xylophone. . .riffs of sound overlapping the noise of the sea as it rushes rock shadows with silver spray, leaving tide pools. Children and older people with small net baskets scoop out tiny fish or crabs. Dirty black cormorants sit patiently facing the setting sun, its long shiny tentacles reach out over the waves to color the changing cloud shapes, bronzing the windows of the Casa de Mañana. We walk past a yoga class on the patch of green to the craftsman houses, one with a metal sculpture of children diving after a leaping frog and, next door, a dozen wooden and wire bird houses. I touch the Melaleuca's flaky papery bark, a reminder of home. . .

wind swirled leaves caught
in windshield wipers

DMU Timestamp: May 31, 2018 00:33

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