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Controlling Information

History has shown the world how to make a nation implode on itself without firing a shot. This can be accomplished by controlling information, controlling the healthcare system, destroying economy and corrupted government politicians. Controlling information is the most important function, which is the doorway to knowledge. Without knowledge an individual cannot make good choices, which is a form of mind control.

Indoctrination is a tool used to push an ideology. This ideology can be liberalism, socialism, communism or anarchism. No matter what the ideology is, the goal is to manipulate the individual’s knowledge, mind and life. One method is to take over all levels of the educational system by creating textbooks and having teachers presenting one point of view while altering historical facts to match the ideology. To support this dogma, use the news media to push the message daily without presenting any opposing views.

The United States’ academia world supports liberalism and socialism. They are teaching this philosophy daily to our children. They preach government should control people’s life, which makes the people become dependent on the state, which is a form of slavery. This system cannot survive when the takers exceed the givers. This nation cannot afford this system since it has a $20-plus trillion debt.

Another tool is creating a state dependency by providing a welfare system that makes it more profitable to not work for a living vs. working. In this country, there are more than 100 different government welfare programs, which accounts for an estimated one-third of the 2017 U.S. spend budget of $4.04 trillion on revenue of $3.5 trillion. Anyone can enroll into the welfare system because the requirements are minimal. The system is a voter source for politicians and is abused by citizens and non-citizens, which cost taxpayers almost a trillion dollars annually.

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