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Everyone Is An Individual

Everyone Is An Individual

As you know, I am best recognized for my work in addiction psychology - utilizing an approach that I have termed "carefrontation." You also know, if you are a frequent reader of my blog, that "carefrontation" treats every patient as an individual - it does not look to blame someone for having a disease, but rather hold the person responsible for dealing with that disease. We all know addiction is primary, progressive, chronic, and if not treated, can be fatal. It certainly has a genetic base that goes hand and glove with biological, psychological and social aspects that interact with one's environment. This past Sunday, CNN's Dr. Sanjay Gupta aired a documentary entitled, Addiction: Life on the Edge. Four individuals are viewed through their struggle to recover. One gentleman utilizes naltrexone; a woman goes through residential treatment and ultimately works in a 12 step program, and so forth and so on. This is the type of exposure addiction needs if we are to destigmatize the "addict," as well as the mental illness that so often accompanies addiction. However, we must remember that each patient is an individual and not fall under the false notion that all treatment or treatment environments can be neatly standardized. At Caron Treatment Centers, people are viewed medically, psychologically, socially, and spiritually. A comprehensive approach such as this is always warranted, but even then a person who may appear to be similar to another individual in terms of symptomatolgy, warrants a very individualized treatment plan. Bravo Dr. Gupta! Now let us delve even further. I invite my readers to let me know what they think about individuality, addiction, and the importance of a four-prong approach to treating insidious illnesses.

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