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The Digital Divide

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Feb-18-19 Digital Divide Article

Group Members:

Emily Egan-

Shamika Bailey

Bill Barron -

Raimeika Bradley

Celena Chapman

Discussion Platform-

Using the platform nowcomment, classmates will have the opportunity to comment on specific sections of conversation starters. Classmates will also be able to reply to threads and answer discussion questions.


The digital divide refers to the disparity of technological access in the U.S. This week, we will explore the way the digital divide affects our communities, schools, and country. Through the resources provided, we will have the chance to view data and information that communicates this reality. We will also look into what leaders are doing to close the gap and create equal access to technology. Finally, we will ask ourselves to reflect on our duty as educators when it comes to the digital divide.

Raimeika’s Notes- *explore the way the digital divide affects our communities and schools.

*through the resources provided……

*Finally, we will ask ourselves what our duty as educators when it comes to the digital divide.-only include this if this is actually on of our questions.


  1. Review the resources listed below

  2. Post a response on NowComment to at least one of the following questions:

    1. The Digital Civil Rights bill would allow equal opportunity for anyone to have access to the internet regardless of a person’s economic or financial status. This will benefit those who are under-resourced by providing access to broadband or mobile networks. From an educators standpoint, how would you persuade or gain buy-in from legislatures and politicians to pass this bill?

    2. The article references visitors in a Seattle library having the ability to check out a hotspot in the same way they would check out a book. What are some changes you think libraries can make to help close the digital divide?

3. Post a comment on at least one classmate’s response on NowComment





The Digital Divide: Percentage of Households With Broadband Internet Subscription by State[Source: U.S. Census Bureau]

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Title: Digital Divide Article

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