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First lessons with LRNG in Kiran Chaudhuri's English classroom, Harvest Collegiate High School (March 2019)

Author: Paul Allison

On Monday, [March 11, 2019] I was working with a teacher who is often an early adopter of tech. We are working together to pilot the use of LRNG in her poetry classes that she is teaching for two groups of 9th and 10th graders this semester.

All the students received their invitations and they activated their accounts. We pointed them to three playlists using the search on their dashboards. They found and bookmarked the "bio" playlist we wanted them to start with and a search with "Places We Love" let them find and bookmark the two NWP playlists on photos and poetry that we want them to go to next. All of this just to get started. And it went well.

Our goals in that first session with the students were to get their accounts activated. Give them some familiarity with how their dashboard works, having them bookmark the first set of playlists we want them to do, and get started: finish the first XP in the "bio" playlist, learning how to make a Google doc public, and submitting it as a Web Link. So far so good, students were interested in seeing the path we were outlining with the three playlists and they were engaged by the task at hand (writing about themselves) without too much concern about the steps they had to follow to get the work turned in properly.

The moment that I knew would come did come when the teacher turned to me and asked, "Is there a way I can see who has completed the first task of the "Bio" playlist? And who has started the other ones later this week?"

"Ah, well, not so easily," I had to tell her. Between classes, I showed her how to go to her group and to click on a youth in that group an to see that student's evidence, but doing that one-by-one makes it impossible to do.

What this teacher wants is to click on her group and to see her students down one side of a grid. Across the top should be any playlist that any student in the class has begun, and there should be boxes for each XP within each playlist with completed ones checked and links to the evidence. She wants to be able to see all three playlists at the top and to monitor progress for the whole group. Then click from there to more details.

Is that possible? (I read Jordan's quick reply below (thank you!), and the approvals page is a help, but only to see on individual playlists.) (edited)

DMU Timestamp: July 23, 2019 17:59

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