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Dear Toni Cade Bambara

I am fascinated with short story because of the way you bring the perspectives between the white and the black people and how people used to judge others just by their looks or behaviors. Based on the racial community and economic separation the group of people do noy like each other. This paragraph indicates how Miss Morre was doing her best to help the kids get an education where they would have a better future. However, they do not know what they want or what benefits them. In my perspective the reason why they think this way is because is they way they grew up and it is what they learn from the society that black people were not allowed to be educated. So this one day Miss Moore rounds us all up at the mailbox and it’s pure dee hot and she’s knocking herself out about arithmetic. And school supposed to let up in summer I heard, but she don’t never let up. And the starch in my pinafore scratching the shit outta me and I’m really hating this nappy-head bitch and her goddamn college degree. I’d much rather go to the pool or to the show where it’s cool”. There is another section that caught my attention “Miss Moore lines us up in front of the mailbox where we started from, seem like years ago, and I got a headache for thinkin so hard. And we lean all over each other so we hold up under the draggy ass lecture she always finishes us off with at the end before we thank her for borin us to tears. But she just looks at us like she readin tea leaves. Finally she say, “Well, what did you think of F.A.0. Schwarz?” This paragraph makes me think that after every horrible thing that they did or say to Miss morre they learned from and maybe they might use that in their lives to know how they use to treat people well. I look forward to reading your story next.

DMU Timestamp: November 27, 2019 01:26

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