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TTT 01.22.2020 Let's Talk About Election 2020 and more

Author: Teachers Teaching Teachers

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Jan-29-20 Chat Transcript

Hi Friends–

We invite you to join an open, informal conversation tonight, Wed, Jan 22, at 9E/8C/7M/6P about what’s next for you and your students. We will be talking about how we amplify the voices of our students and nurture connections between them with Youth Voices, NowComment, and LRNG.

  • How are you planning to get your students involved this coming semester? What supports might you need from all of us?
  • Chris Sloan and I have been continuing to imagine connections via collections or “text sets” and study groups on NowComment. We could do some basic NowComment talk as well as describe how we are connecting some of the categories on Youth Voices with study groups on NowComment. Check out
  • We are excited about “Let’s Talk About Election 2020.” We should talk about how we can support and add to this work. And the showcase has just opened:
  • The new posts this week from Berkeley High School are inspiring Their teacher, Anna Maine hopes to join us if she can pull herself away from marking finals.

We are re-booting our weekly webcast. Bring your ideas and questions to Teachers Teaching Teachers. We welcome all – every Wednesday evening 9E/8C/7M/6P.

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Added January 29, 2020 at 11:40pm by Paul Allison
Title: Chat Transcript


From Peggy George : You probably aren

From Peggy George : aren’t seeing this chat but I’m so excited you’re back! This has been really interesting and I can’t wait to go back to explore on the site!

From Christina Cantrill : Hi Peggy!

From Peggy George : Hi Christina!!! Great to see you!!!

From Peggy George : I’m so glad you’re talking about Election2020 letters!!!

From Christina Cantrill :

From Peggy George : Letters to the Next President was such a fantastic experience for students and readers (like me!)

From Peggy George : I’m going to share this with Wes Fryer tonight in his podcast EdTechSR. He’ll be excited to know about it!

From Christina Cantrill :

From Peggy George : I’m on the site now :-)

From Christina Cantrill :

From Christina Cantrill :

From Peggy George : I’m so glad I’m getting to learn about this!!!

From Peggy George : That was great!!!

From Christina Cantrill : It’s really an exciting opportunity for kids. I know you work with the younger ones, Peggy. KQED has provided a parent permission form if younger kids want to share. They are saying its more middle and high school.

From Christina Cantrill : (actually everyone needs to submission media permission anyway because of potential national dissemination. but the younger kids need parental sign off too)

From Peggy George : thanks for that additional information! I think Wes is working with 5th-6th graders this year but he provides tech support for many grades.

From Christina Cantrill : Great.

From Peggy George : I love the NowComment group connections with YouthVoices!

From Peggy George : Is this session being recorded? I would love to share it with Wes!!

From Christina Cantrill : Yes I think so … it says Live right now. But I assume that also means its recording.

From Peggy George : He and his co-host on EdTech Situation Room podcast every week about current ed tech issues and news and resources and frequently they include security, digital citizenship, etc.

From Peggy George :

From Christina Cantrill : Oh, thanks for sharing this! I haven’t caught up with it. Important.

From Peggy George : I just discovered they have to cancel tonight’s show so that will give me time to share some of the info with him before next week’s show. I’ve saved this chat. :-)

From Peggy George :

From Christina Cantrill : Great. Happy to chat with him about it too.

From Peggy George : Awesome!!! I’ll tell him!!! He’ll be very excited!

From Christina Cantrill : :)

From Peggy George :

From Peggy George : I posted the link from Paul’s email message he sent out today :-)

From Peggy George : Can you ask Paul if he is recording this?

From Peggy George : I see the live video on NOWCOMMENT right now. Will that be saved on that link?

From Paul Allison : yes

From Peggy George : Christina, could you possibly ask Paul about the recording?

From Peggy George : awesome!!!! thanks!!!!

From Peggy George : Christina, what’s the best way for Wes to contact you if he has questions?

From Peggy George : I love what Janet is saying about the platform!!! not just one and done!!

From Christina Cantrill : my email [email protected]

From Peggy George : hahaha!!!

From Peggy George : thank you all so much for sharing your experiences tonight! I’m so inspired and eager to share this with others (even though I’m retired!!)

From Peggy George : bye all!

DMU Timestamp: January 21, 2020 02:52

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