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Compering & Contrasting Short Stories by Eros Montero

The three stories have similarities on wanting to educate the reader in some way or another, particularly because all these stories talk about education while having similar ideas, but view throughout different lenses. For example, in “The Lesson” we have Moore who is helping the children to get to know the different classes in the society and in the “Everyday use” Mama is there for Dee to get the education and support that it really was not there for Magie at all what shows the favoritism that it could exist in a family with a lot of disparities between the siblings. Therefore, the differences in “The Lesson” from the other two stories is the sensibility that it shows when it comes to topics like racism and the disparities between minorities because it goes way deeper than the fact that the children were in a delinquent groups while also being considered a low income families and they didn’t have any education that is the reason why it was a struggle for them to face their reality and Moore was trying to get them involved with the different classes in society. Additionally, they realize that the problem is real. Furthermore, In the story of “how to date” the main character didn’t have any knowledge or experience about which was the right way to date a girl or even the different types of girls so he decided that the best way for him to learn proper ways to date a girl was just by asking questions about girls and how they like to be treated also to get to know different types of girls. Although, differently In everyday use” differences with other two stories is the disparities between the main characters in the short stories one part in particular that can illustrate this is in this story Mama is more concern about Dee’s education than what she cares about her other daughter Maggie who was just staying home. In conclusion all three stories can absolutely come together to make just one exciting and surprising piece of writing, because they have the ability to complement each other by taking a little piece of each other to be able to bring the stories together with the one purpose that is to create just one common sense between them three. However, Everyday Use, really put itself apart from the other two stories, because it uses characterization so well for the reader to get deeper into the story, I strongly believe that you could see how the main characters feel about each other.

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