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One of the main reasons why, the three stories “ The Lesson”, “ How to date”, and “ Everyday Use” are an inspiration, is that they are teaching people lessons depending on how they will see it. “ The Lesson” by Toni Cade Bambara was about an old lady that her neighborhood are calling her at any manes. She is very experienced, and she knows a lot about the world between rich and poor people. She takes some kids and shows them the importance of being poor, by taking them to an area where everything is expensive. While she was teaching them some kind of education, the kids did not appreciate it. Until the end, they started to see the importance of education and being educated by Miss Moore’s words. “ Everyday Use” by Alice Walker, was that the protagonist, MAMA had two daughters that have lived in two different experiences. One of them is Magie, she had a depressed, and confused life. She did not have the chance to go to school due to a fire that happened in her house where is some part of her skin got burned. All she wanted was that her mother pay attention for her as the same way she does with her sister Dee. The other girl was Dee, she apparently had anything that she ever wanted. She is going to school, and she likes money and other fancy things. I can say all she wants is to live in fancy world. Based on the difference between the sisters, the mother couldn’t use equality for them. That’s why at the end she can feel the importance of seeing the other side of Magie’s life and needs. She had learned her mistakes from the past. “ How to Date” by Junot Daiz, was about a young boy who is trying to see the different kind of race for girl. He went to get advice from an experienced person. The narrator was helping that young boy by telling how he should act when he is with any type of girl. Also guiding him through education on how to respect women.

To begin with, the difference between the three stories, “ The Lesson”, “ Everyday Use”, and “ How to Date” is that for the “ The Lesson”, the narrator is telling us how she sees herself in a White and Black community and Miss Mooreis trying to teach the kids how they can interact with colored people based on being rich or poor. They have to learn a lesson from others. For “ Everyday Use”, a desperate mother who does not know how to make equality over her two daughter which make her to learn from her mistakes and try to fix things. “ How to Date”, is that the narrator is teaching how the boy can date different type of colored girls. He is old and knows how to convince a person. He using another language when he is talking.

“ The Lesson”, “ Everyday Use”, and “ How to Date” are three stories that really important in stories I have ever read. They are all about education and how they can action, even though they have to learn first. At the end they all understand the meaning of being someone important. To begin with the literary element of voice ( the person who is telling the story from their point of view), the three stories were told by the point of view from one of the characters. Meaning that all three stories was the second person based on how they tell the story from their perspective. To add, theme ( the subject of a talk, a piece of writing, a person's thoughts, or an exhibition; a topic), they all have significant similarities for these three stories is that they all about education and how they learn from it, which kinda make them feel like responsible in their future progresses. And they will not repeat what they already have done in their life. Then, let’s talk about characterization ( a description of the distinctive nature or features of someone or something), my favorite, based on what I have read, they are selfish, helpless because they experimenting from others people's ideas or point of view.. They all are getting information or learning from their mistakes that they already made. What all this means is that don’t never ever take education as a garbage that we have to throw anytime we want because it is the one and only one key that will open all doors that your future is awaiting. So what now are you willing to sacrifice yourself to to open those doors, or will you drop those key just like that. Guys! Take an example to these three stories make mistakes and learn from it. Without mistakes, we cannot know what we are looking for. SO GO FOR IT! Dream big and make a wide future.

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