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TTT 01.29.2020 Natalia Navarro, Jackson Potter, Chris Sloan, Kiran Chaudhuri, Christina Cantrill

Author: Teachers Teaching Teachers

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Jan-29-20 Shownotes
Jan-29-20 Chat Transcript

DMU Timestamp: January 21, 2020 02:52

Added January 29, 2020 at 11:33pm by Paul Allison
Title: Shownotes

Last week, we launched a new, rebooted "Teachers Teaching Teachers." We invite you to join us in a Zoom meeting: this Wednesday evening, Jan. 29th at 9E/8C/7M/6P.

We're back with conversations that keep a community of teachers knit together around inspiring youth to connect on Youth Voices, NowComment, LRNG, Let's Talk About Election 2020 and more!

We LiveCast via YouTube (Subscribe!) and we invite your annotations during the show (and after) at ttt

Join us to talk about what is going on in your classroom.

  • How are you planning to get your students involved with some of these online publishing opportunities this coming semester? What supports might you need from all of us?
  • Natalia Navarro, a teacher in Orange Cove High School in California will be reconnecting and looking for colleagues
  • Kiran Chaudhuri from Harvest Collegiate just launched a memoir class for 9th and 10th graders. What if we started with this playlist (and NowComment collection)
  • Chris Sloan and I have been continuing to imagine connections via collections or "text sets" and study groups on NowComment. We could do some basic NowComment talk as well as describe how we are connecting some of the categories on Youth Voices with study groups on NowComment. Check out group What if we connected our students' inquiries to the UN Sustainable Development Goals...
  • We will also keep a focus on "Let's Talk About Election 2020." We should talk about how we can support and add to this work. The showcase opened a week ago: https://learn.kqed. org/challenges/election2020.

Come add your voice to our evolving, ongoing conversations. Join us tomorrow at 9E/8C/7M/6P in this Zoom meeting: or watch and annotate at ttt


DMU Timestamp: January 21, 2020 02:52

Added January 29, 2020 at 11:36pm by Paul Allison
Title: Chat Transcript


From Peggy George : Hi Paul :-)

From Peggy George : Hi Chris! Great to see you again!!

From Chris Sloan : Hi Peggy!

From Peggy George : I love being a fly on the wall for your conversations!

From Peggy George : Hi Christina! Great to see you!

From Chris Sloan : You’re welcome to chime in at any time.

From Christina Cantrill : I’m eating! Will come in video in a bit.

From Peggy George : thanks Chris :-)

From Christina Cantrill : Is this it?

From Peggy George : That looks like it :-) Thanks Christina!

From Peggy George : so many acronyms :-)

From Peggy George : DBQ

From Peggy George : It’s exciting to hear what Natalia is doing with her students!! Great stuff!!

From Peggy George : Love that title! Inventing the Truth

From Peggy George : Great perspective on how to help students think about what they should share online especially on controversial topics. They should learn how to make these decisions for themselves.

From Chris Sloan : Here’s a link to the comment guidelines I mentioned:

From Peggy George : Questions in posts definitely invite responses!

From Peggy George : Those are really helpful guidelines Chris!

From Christina Cantrill : Chris these guidelines look like a playlist. Just saying :)

From Christina Cantrill : Here’s the project:

From Christina Cantrill : here are some work examples:

From Peggy George : Chris, I read your student’s response to the post about President Trump’s reaction to Iran justified and he followed all of your guidelines! I was really impressed and it was much more than opinion. :-)

From Peggy George : I’m really excited about the Election 2020 site!!!

From Peggy George : Sure you can read it ;-)

From Peggy George : :-)

From Christina Cantrill : @pgeorge

From Peggy George : No I don’t want to interrupt your flow :-)

From Peggy George : I love hearing what all of you are doing with your students!

From Peggy George : Yes that’s true!!! I think there is still something inside my ears but I’m not doing as many things online as I used to.

From Peggy George : I love being able to share the things I learn here on Twitter!

From Peggy George : was that the YouthCasts?

From Peggy George : I remember some research sharing video conferences with Chris’s students :-)

From Chris Sloan : That’s right, Peggy.

From Peggy George : The hot topic these days in the US seems to be Kobe Bryant. It would be interesting to hear the students discuss the impact of professional athletes on their lives. (pros and cons)

From Peggy George : the DREAM Act would be very interesting

From Peggy George : yes! the common research topics definitely gave them something meaningful to discuss

From Peggy George : connecting it with conversations on NowComment would give them a great starting point for things to talk about

From Peggy George : and they are also surprised to find out kids in another part of the country are interested in many of the same things they are!

DMU Timestamp: January 21, 2020 02:52

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