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Education is the key to the world

In our English class we decided to read three short stories. The first one is “Everyday Use” by the author “Alice Walker”. The short story is told in first person by "Mama", an African-American woman living in the Deep South with one of her two daughters. The second story is “The Lesson” by the writer “ Toni Cade Bambara” The Lesson” is a first person narrative told by a young, black girl named Sylvia who is growing up in Harlem. The last literacy fiction is called “ How to Date a Brown Girl (Black Girl, White Girl, or Halfie)” by Junot Díaz. The story is giving instructions on how to treat girls. The characters are able to classify them in groups which start to build a stereotype. Moreover, the three stories focus on some similar characteristic one that stands up is the character roots or background we see how all of them represent the African American ethnicity they carry pain stories through their life. Each story has a central point, that education is so essential because it is the only way people can defend themselves in today's society . We see how the character needs to know about the current problems like inequality and the only way to overcome this is by education. It is interesting because we have been having the same problems imbalances between social classes.

The first writing strategy is imagery where people have the chance to use their five senses to imaginate the story in their mind. In “Everyday Use” the reader can draw an image of Maggie skin after her accident, hear how Dee gives attitude to her mother because she does not want to give the quilt to Dee. “How to Date a Brown Girl” people can hear the uneducate language that the character used to communicate. “The Lesson” the reader can see how expensive the toys are in the store. The second literary element is conflict which are problems that take place in the story. The three stories have man vs. society is the main issue, inequality between social classes. How the character tries to overcome this obstacle is going back to education because it is the only key to how people can change society. The last writing strategy is characterization, the personality of a character. Here we see how each character is different and unique. We can also observe how their behavior is totally different from the beginning.

However, we still see some differences between the three of them. For example, the time when it happened is not the same but they have similar issues in society. The tone is pretty unfair though all the stories in one of more ways the reader would get that inequality is the main idea. In conclusion I believe that the authors are turning sandpoint to make them real and invaluable moments so the society can notice that history keeps repeating over and over.

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