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TTT 03.04.2020 Re-connect and re-focus - Come share your plans for Youth Voices and NowComment this spring

Chris Sloan, Harry Brake, Janet Ilko, Paul Allison and YOU --will discuss what we've been up to this spring, on Youth Voices and NowComment

Recently Ah-Young Song called to inquire about Youth Voices and how we use the site. She asks great questions and we invited her to help us describe for her and each other what we are doing and hope to do this Spring with Youth Voices and NowComment -- snd why. Ah-Young Song is currently a Visiting Assistant Professor of Education at Vassar College with research interests in multiliteracies, critical pedagogies, and out-of-school spaces that spark imagination and social change.

Here's how Ah-Young summaries her entry into our ongoing conversations:

My name is Ah-Young Song, and I'm a visiting faculty member in the education department at Vassar College. As a literacy researcher, I'm interested in the multimodal teaching and learning engagements that happen among youth and educators, particularly across digital spaces. I came across Youth Voices recently and am excited to think more with educators who are supporting students' research skills, communicative & collaborative practices, and civic engagement on digital platforms. I'd especially love to learn about how teachers from different regions of the country engage in lesson planning & sharing, use guides and scaffolding to support sociolinguistically diverse learners, and refine assessment practices over time.

Your voice is an important part of our community.

DMU Timestamp: February 21, 2020 23:45

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