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PS Reflection Week 9

Intro - swapping lessons (improvised – Kahoot) – This was a little messy; however, you did get through it. This is reflective of your own courage to admit being unprepared. Amber you did apologise to the students at the end of the lesson. The session leaders reflected courage throughout the session by trying to make the most out of a difficult situation – you kept the needs of the Year 7s at the forefront of your mind. These observations provide great opportunity to discuss the values of courage and forgiveness. The Year 7s were very understanding (forgiving).

Kahoot – whilst other students were setting up the activity outside – devotion. The Kahoot was a success – this was lucky for you. Sometimes picking a random quiz can be a disaster. I would suggest that you always have some spare activities just in case – better preparation. Was the ‘sport’ focus good for all students? Did the girls enjoy this?

Year 11s - generally there was one student on every table. This was a good way to spread around the room (with exception to the table on my left). Perhaps there was room here to pair up for the Kahoot? I would ask you to consider how much conversation the Year 11 students had with the Year 7s on their table (Amber and Latisha did you speak to your students?) . Sharro and Stanley were standout at this. You boys worked really hard to build relationships with the students around you. The boys really liked your help (one actually thanked you Stanley, and a different student cheerfully mocked Sharro). This is reflective of the Endeavour value of Love. Great work!

Devotion – Dylan/ Anthony

This was well controlled and executed. The theme was appropriate.

  • Forgiveness – from the Book of Luke
  • Message: Reflective questions – how we might view the scenario – but what we should do. These questions were very suited to the devotion. They were not too heavy, but still challenging in thought (Communication).
  • Beautifully written – walk in the way of love….. great social element (KU)

Games – something you love, hope, forgive, courage.

Shows that the student knew each value well.

The first Year 11 responses were very superficial and did not set the best example. These responses did not encourage the Year 7s to take the activity seriously. The depth was lost. However, Amber you changed this focus by providing a more original response. This did make a difference to the students’ responses. They were brave and more creative with their responses. Remember this is a vulnerable task. It takes courage for the Year 7s to speak out loud about these values. Perhaps more bravery from the Year 11s?

A positive - all the responses in the game had a social link – These are great examples of KU. The students talked about how they were brave or loving, and how this helped them in a social setting. Dillon talked about the courage to run a devotion. This is a great example of how others benefit socially when we do brave things.

Locker check – perhaps more ‘love’ by offering praise?

Back to the classroom

Sharro – got down to the students’ level – body language (leaning in) and asking questions. ‘I think that’s a great idea!’ – positive praise! I’m really impressed! Great use of questioning to keep the students engaged. You showed authentic interest. You picked something they were really interested in – rubix cube. Stanley – great conversations with the two boys next to you!

Games: Who am I (picking up students for unethical questions is a good thing – well done Sharro).

Recognition – of praise (when students guess a correct response) was not obvious?

The students reflected the value of love when responding to each other. It was great that the students were trying to help the last boy out (Minnie mouse) with clues. This should have been recognised as a great way to build community (love).

Last 2 minutes - thanking students (I would develop you lesson close)

General - Students were engaged in all of the activities – despite waiting a small amount of time. This provides evidence that you have built up good relationships with them. They did take the lesson seriously and were focused on what you wanted them to do. This is reflective of a ‘loving’ environment.

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