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A Comic Strip Tour Of The Wild World Of Pandemic Modeling

Author: Zach Weinersmith, Maggie Koerth, Laura Bronner and Jasmine Mithani

Weinersmith, Zach, et al. “A Comic Strip Tour Of The Wild World Of Pandemic Modeling.” FiveThirtyEight, FiveThirtyEight, 13 Apr. 2020,

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Zach Weinersmith is the co-author of the NYT bestselling pop science book Soonish, the creator of Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal comics. @zachweiner
Maggie Koerth is a senior science writer for FiveThirtyEight. @maggiekb1
Laura Bronner is FiveThirtyEight’s quantitative editor. @laurabronner
Jasmine Mithani is a visual journalist for FiveThirtyEight. @jazzmyth

DMU Timestamp: March 26, 2020 18:18

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