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Housseynatou Diallo Questioning and Speculating

To begin with, this play is based on a noble family. The mother is trying to raise her kids to be better people in the future. Sometimes the mother reacts in a way that the kids feel that she is being overprotective. The mother thinks that she is doing what is right for her kids. Most of the time the narrator used great imagery to describe the story better and to remember the good feelings that they created. Memories are important in a person’s life.

The fist and the second chapter of this play of “The Glass Menagerie” by Tennessee Williams, might leave me a reader feeling enthusiastic because I see in the play everyone has a character to teach people what life is. I learned from Tom that people should have their lives in control and make sure they are taking good decisions that lead them to success. Additionally, do not think that people are being overprotective to make their life difficult. I learned from Amada that a person has done no matter what to protect and do what is right for their children and lead them to a good path. An example of this is in paragraph 34 “I haven't enjoyed one bite of this dinner because of your constant directions on how to eat it. It's you that makes me rush through meals with your hawk-like attention to every bite I take. Sickening - spoils my appetite - all this discussion of - animals' secretion - salivary glands -mastication”! This is illustrating that Tom is being hard over his mom because he thinks that his mother is making his life hard and annoying based on her strict rules about eating. In my opinion, I think that people should think twice to judge people about their actions. It might be good or bad.

A reader’s questions might start in paragraph 6, where it says “Downstage is the living-room, which also serves as a sleeping-room for Laura, the sofa is unfolding to make her bed. Upstage, center, and divided by a wide arch or second proscenium with transparent faded portières (or second curtain), is the dining-room. In an old fashioned what-not in the living-room are seen scores of transparent glass animals. A blown-up photograph of the father hangs on the wall of the living room, facing the audience, to the left of the archway. It is the face of a very handsome young man in a doughboy's First World War cap. He is gallantly smiling, ineluctably smiling, as if to say 'I will be smiling forever'”. This paragraph is super important because it describes a memory that the family lived in the past. Whenever they are in that place they can feel happy and safe most importantly know they have each other no matter their differences. Looking at the flashback may help the bad moments that Tom was dealing with his mom when he thinks that she was controlling her. I think the author seems to be making the point that the people can be happy at a time and then all that goes away just because of a small action. That is the reason why people need to be good with each other and try to make great memories that could erase all the terrible moments.

After this part of the play, the most reader will probably try their best to have a good relationship with each other because no one knows where they will end up. Furthermore, they will be looking forwards to reading the rest of this play because the author might continue to write more about good character and teach people that sometimes life can be messy and unfair. However, there are brilliant moments that are found in life. In my perspective, we will take our time and think twice before doing anything that leads us to a horrible path. What’s probably going to happen next is that Tom will realize what his mother wants for him. Additionally, Laura will take her life into her hands and try to make a better future out of it.

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