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Yeanoor,s Tracking Character

This play is interesting and grabs my attention to continue my reading. When it comes to writing about any characters from this play, I choose to talk about Amanda. She is a woman without a husband and raising her two children by herself. Her character could be better explained by talking about the family situation and problem between her and her children.

The third and final section of “The Glass Menagerie” by Tennessee Williams, might leave a reading feeling disappointed because there is a lot going on in the third and fourth sections. Amanda really cares about what she wants, rather than thinking about Tom and Laura. She is a controlling mother who wants everything according to her. She wants Laura to get married when she is not ready for it. She wants a rich man where Laura would find herself a comfortable life. Amanda only worried about how to dress up nicely and get respect from society. An example of line number four can evidently be this.“ After the fiasco at Rubicam's Business College, the idea of getting a gentleman caller for Laura began to play a more and more important part in Mother's calculations. It became an obsession. Like some archetype of the universal unconscious, the image of the gentleman caller haunted our small apartment”. This clearly shows how she obsesses about finding a gentleman for Laura. She did not pay attention to what her children wished for. She is taking all the opportunity and freedom of life from them.

We learn something interesting about one of the characters, Amanda, where it says: “Mother was a woman of action as well as words”.This is typical of how Amanda acts in the play because she is just a mother who thinks about what's best for her children. Unfortunately, kids do not like to accept all the decisions that parents make because we all want to lead our life in our own way. However, mothers also need to consult with their children about those decisions when children are victims or will bear it. Her intention might be good, but her action is making their children hate her or maybe in future leave her alone. This might be the consequence of her action.

After this part of the play, most readers will probably be continuing because they want to know how the family is going to end. In the first and second sections, I inferred that the family will come to an understanding. In the next section, we might see Tom and Laura comprehend their mother's effort to give a respectful and good life. Life is full of surprises. We don't feel satisfied with something until it goes away from our hands. We should be happy with what we have and let our children sometimes have open spaces.

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