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TTT 04.22.2020 Three Teachers from California (plus CT, NY, PA, & DE) Thinking Together

Author: Teachers Teaching Teacahers

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Apr-23-20 Notes

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Three teachers--each with students who publish on Youth Voices our invitation to be on a panel to think together about: What are they doing to support and engage their students? What is necessary now? What else do we wish would be possible? We invite you to join the conversation with your own experiences, concerns, and hops for this time with your students. Join these teachers tomorrow evening, Wednesday evening, April 22 at 9E/8C/7M/6P at Janet Ilko @writin4change Health Sciences High & Middle College, San Diego, California Anna Maine @annamaine28 Berkeley High School, Berkeley, California Natalia Navarro, Orange Cove High School, Orange Cove, California All three teachers have expressed wanting to do more with their students, using tools such as NowComment and LRNG But is this the time? These are tools that we use in schools with our students to help them to better comprehend and interpret texts, images, and videos. These are tools we use to amplify their voices and to connect them with youth from around the country. These are tools we use to help our students become more expressive, thoughtful, and careful writers. Are these tools that we use for connected learning useful now? Come tell your stories, raise your questions, add your perspectives to our conversation, Annotate this video at

DMU Timestamp: April 20, 2020 22:34

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