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TTT 05.06.2020 How is it going? What are we learning? What do we need from each other?

Author: Teachers Teaching Teacahers

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May-07-20 Transcript of our chat during the meeting

Join the conversation on Teachers Teaching Teachers this Wednesday evening, May 6th at 9E/8C/7M/6P.

Chris Sloan sent this assignment to get the conversation started. We'd love to know what you are up to. Come celebrate moments of success and find support for the struggles that we find ourselves in.

Let's learn from each other. Come ready to share a concern, a dream, or a plan!

COVID-19 writing

  • Due May 18 by 11:59pm
  • Points 25
  • Submitting a website url
This is one half of your final exam; the other half of the exam is your AP exam essay.
Obviously the pandemic has had our full attention for a number of weeks. Now it's time to engage with some stories and resources around COVID-19.
Option 1: Create a Youth Voices

(Links to an external site.)

post of your own. You might write a summary of current events, a reflection of what it's like to finish high school this year, or an exploration of what you've learned from this pandemic and what it means for how you move forward with your life.
Option 2: Two substantive comments on Youth Voices. One comment on covid-related Youth Voices post

(Links to an external site.)

from a Judge student, and another comment on a student's post from another school.
Option 3: Two substantive annotations on a Now Comment article in one of these collections:

DMU Timestamp: May 06, 2020 21:48

Added May 07, 2020 at 9:39am by Paul Allison
Title: Transcript of our chat during the meeting


From Anna Maine : HI JO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

From Stephanie Loomis : where in Central CA?

From Natalia Navarro : Orange Cove--south east of Fresno

From Stephanie Loomis : I grew up in Bakersfield. My Dad is from Dinuba and my Mom currently lives in Clovis

From Natalia Navarro : Wow! I taught Adult School in Dinuba for a bit. Know lots of people from Dinuba and Clovis.

From Stephanie Loomis : small world

From Stephanie Loomis : Clark County NV forbade Zoom

From Jeremy Hyler : What was their reasoning Stephanie?

From Stephanie Loomis : Too many security issues in the first week. Knee jerk reaction instead of letting teachers add the security.

From Jeremy Hyler : Ahhh, gotcha. Thanks.

From Anna Maine : Same thing happened in our district with Zoom

From Anna Maine : We switched over to Google Meet for 4 weeks and this week have reintroduced Zoom with more security

From Stephanie Loomis : Sure. It was frustrating. Clark County has been REALLY wishy washy about everything. It's ben hard on my students because they don't know what new thing will change next.

From Anna Maine : ^^ditto

From Stephanie Loomis : Yes, we're grading, no not grading. Yes, new material, no new material. Meet in synchronous, don't do synchronous

From Stephanie Loomis : Add to that the schools are mostly title 1, so digital access is an issue.

From Stephanie Loomis : 8-9 is a good number

From Jeremy Hyler : Most students come for the interaction and that is more than okay with me.

From Janet Ilko : I think what I have learned is my role in distance learning is to bridge the distance. Help them feel connected.

From Jeremy Hyler : I agree Janet.

From Jeff Dierking : Sorry I'm late.

From Jo Paraiso : What is time anyways these days, Jeff……

From Jeff Dierking : I don't even have an excuse. Just essentially the idea that I don't look at a clock and register that time exists.

From Jo Paraiso : I’ve had my face muscles freeze from having to smile so much, just so I don’t look angry at my students (which is my resting face)…….yes, Zoom fatigue.

From Jeremy Hyler : Yes, I know how you feel Jo. I have aches and pains that I didn’t know existed.

From Jo Paraiso : I’ve worked with a number of schools across the country, and 1 place has it down (at least at high school level) — district called D230.

From Jo Paraiso : Also, Lindsay HS in Cali

From Stephanie Loomis : Schools need to QUIT BUYNG CURRICULUM

From Stephanie Loomis : synchronous classes need to be no more than 30 minutes at a time

From Stephanie Loomis : It gets so complicated---especially with limited access

From Chris Sloan : They’re calling it Quaran-teens around the world at

From Stephanie Loomis : get it ready-- with all the pretty charts and graphs that admins like

From Christina C. : I love this too - younger kids:

From Stephanie Loomis : a full lit review

From Christina C. : oops ...

From Anna Maine : Feels like we need a teacher version of GitHub

From Christina C. :

From Christina C. : Yes!

From Christina C. : tests

From Jo Paraiso : My wondering to that is how does that differ between primary, middle, high school

From Christina C. : Yes, it’s important to think about what’s appropriate at what age and stages of life, etc.

From Stephanie Loomis : Guide on the side

From Jo Paraiso : Have to bounce out everyone….kids are screaming….in pain? Is it glee? I have no idea. I should check. Before I go, one thing I wanted to recommend was “The Fun They Had”, short story by Asimov. Chilling read that my 6th graders loved. Can’t believe he wrote it before Internet was invented.

From Stephanie Loomis : looking it up

From Stephanie Loomis :

DMU Timestamp: May 06, 2020 21:48

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