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Recently, I read “The Glass Menagerie”, by Tennessee Wlliams. I’m excited about this play. This play is based on the memories of one of the members of the family of this play that is the son. This is related to some family issues and in this family the mother is the person that cares about it in the future of her son’s.

The protagonist is Tom. His story is set in his memories, specifically the problems that he lives with his mother and sister. He explains how the problems start to involve him in his life based on his pleasures.

Tom faces certain forces and pressures. Tom is upset by the rules of his mother. He meets these forces and pressures by deciding to ask for his things. You can see this early in the play on the third scene in line 30 it says; TOM: Yesterday you confiscated my books ! You had the nerve to -.”

The tension rises when Tom faces his mother according to her decisions and rules at home. This might leave the reader feeling surprised. This describes Tom having a different perspective of his life that the mother wants for them.

The play climaxes when Tom and his mother discuss his acts and Tom is upset with her. He wants to be different to the other guys he wants to be unique but his mother.In third scene in line 48 it says; "TOM: What do you think I'm at? Aren't I supposed to have any patience to reach the end of, Mother? I know, I know. It seems unimportant to you, what I'm doing - what I want to do - having a little difference between them! You don't think that -."

The falling action ultimately resolves the conflict. Tom decided to leave his home. He thinks that is good for everyone to have time and space to think and do new things. It’s a person v. person type of conflict that’s driving this story. The characters that have more conflicts are Tom and his mother. Where he wants to understand his mother but his mother has spontaneously changed in her behavior. Tom likes novels and poetry but his mother doesn't want this for her son.

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