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TTT 05.13.2020 How are teachers and librarians supporting parents and their children?

Author: Teachers Teaching Teacahers

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May-14-20 Transcript of our chat during the meeting

This Wednesday evening at 9E/8C/7M/6P on TTT, we're checking in with elementary school teachers, librarians, and National Writing Project educators who have launched -- a four-cycle writing adventure. The website welcomes parents and caregivers:
Are you at home with a young child (or children) who is between the ages of four and eight? We want to offer manageable and fun ways to think about writing that might give you and your child something to do together while providing structured writing practice. In this overview, we offer a sense of how you might help your young writer grow. Then we offer four cycles of exploration and writing for you to try out. You can do these activities with your children to give them something to learn and talk and write about.
Jessica Early, Judy Buchanan, and others working on this project will be joining elementary school teachers on TTT tomorrow evening at 9E/8C/7M/6P. Fred Mindlin has been asking to talk with other elementary teachers, and I asked a wonderful third-grade teacher from the New York City Writing Project, Marina Lombardo to join us just to talk about how things are going with the children they are teaching.

Another related group of educators -- librarians and media specialists -- will be joining us as well
Last week Harry Brake interviewed a public librarian near him, Donna Carter, and he published "a podcast tying together the public and school librarianship connections."

Harry invited Donna Carter to join us on TTT, and I invited Bud Hunt to join us as well. One question we'll ask these librarians and media specialists: What about summer reading?
We are also planning to take a look at the Philidelphia Writing Project's related work as represented on the PhilWP Blog: Kid Writing at Home & in Classrooms.
Add your stories, your voice, your hopes -- and concerns. We'll publish a link to join us at 15 minutes before we go live on Wednesday evening, May 13th at 9E/8C/7M/6P.

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Title: Transcript of our chat during the meeting


From Janet HSHMC independent Studies 8-12, SDAWP : Bud Hunt so great to see you buddy!!

From Jessica Early, CAWP and NWP : Hi Everyone!!

From Harry.Brake from Delawareeeeee! : Welcome Donna! Librarian podcast partner in crime!

From Janet HSHMC independent Studies 8-12, SDAWP : Hi Jeremy!

From Peggy George : Hi everyone!! What an awesome panel for tonight!!

From Jeremy Hyler : Hi Janet

From Janet HSHMC independent Studies 8-12, SDAWP : I think I am going to give myself a superhero name next time!

From Peggy George : Greetings from Phoenix AZ!

From Bud Hunt, CSUWP : the brady bunch. the brady bunch.

From Jeremy Hyler CRWP : Everyone else stole my people. Lol!

From Bud Hunt, CSUWP : it’s a tricky problem -

From Jeremy Hyler CRWP : Yes it is sir! Lol!

From Peggy George : I think Fred’s audio may not be coming through his headset.

From Christina C. : Fred, remind me what your website name is?

From Bud Hunt, CSUWP : Peggy and Jessica didn’t know each other? Huh.

From Peggy George : so excited to have some Phoenix colleagues here!!! Woot!

From Jessica Early, CAWP and NWP : Whoop! Whoop!

From Peggy George : I get so excited when I hear about all of the great things NWP teachers are doing!!

From Christina C. : Karen!

From Karen Fasimpaur : Hi everybody

From Peggy George : Hi Karen!!!! I haven’t seen you in ages!!

From Bud Hunt, CSUWP : Karen!

From Peggy George : Another AZ colleague!!

From Fred Mindlin :

From Peggy George : Thanks Fred! I was just checking that out this week!

From Christina C. : Thank you Fred!

From Tanya Baker, NWP : Arizona is really representing tonight!

From Christina C. : Peggy, is Classroom 2.0 still happening?

From Peggy George : No Classroom 2.0 LIVE retired a couple of years ago but all of the recordings are still available online.

From Bud Hunt, CSUWP : Judy! Judy! Judy!

From Janet HSHMC independent Studies 8-12, SDAWP : I love KQED!

From Christina C. : @bud He’s going alphabetically I guess :)

From Jeremy Hyler CRWP : Yes, KQED is so awesome in their support for teachers.

From Harry.Brake from Delawareeeeee! : KAREN IS A ROCKSTAR!

From Peggy George : hahaha Karen!!!!

From Peggy George : I love podcasts and really enjoyed reading this article last month on SLJ “Podcasts To Pair with CSLP’s Summer Reading Theme” combining podcasts with reading!

From Karen Fasimpaur : Bud, I worked on "tiny tech tip" postcards from our library today. :)

From Bud Hunt, CSUWP : Oh - what did those look like, Karen?

From Peggy George : Karen those sound terrific! Will you share them?

From Peggy George : thank you!!!!!

From Harry.Brake from Delawareeeeee! : Thanks Karen! I was interested too!!

From Christina C. : Nice! It would also be really cool if kids could do their own podcasts based on their readings.

From Karen Fasimpaur : also this

From Bud Hunt, CSUWP : Thanks, Karen!

From Harry.Brake from Delawareeeeee! : We had students do podcasts and it brought life to library and education issues!

From Karen Fasimpaur : Bud, I'm so confident that these won't be highly used that I'm putting my personal cell # on the other side for voice/text tech support. ha ha

From Peggy George : Christina, I totally agree!! That would be fantastic!

From Karen Fasimpaur : You guys are awesome. Elementary kids here are on permanent vacation.

From Bud Hunt, CSUWP : “I have these ideas but I don’t want to write” feels like my entire pandemic experience. So I can relate.

From Harry.Brake from Delawareeeeee! : Karen, would like to hear more on how you are using those postcards that sounds AWESOMEW

From Tanya Baker, NWP : Only a true teacher would say, “It was lucky that my online class meeting was on my birthday.”

From Harry.Brake from Delawareeeeee! : AWESOME, lol, not enough wine on this end, :)

From Peggy George : Alicia, that is soooo impressive!!! You are doing an amazing job!!

From Karen Fasimpaur : Harry, people sign up for mail or email "tiny tech tips" for 6 weeks this summer

From Harry.Brake from Delawareeeeee! : and you send to their emails?

From Karen Fasimpaur : yes...or to post address (this is the part targeted at extreme tech beginners

From Peggy George : that is a brilliant idea Karen!

From Janet HSHMC independent Studies 8-12, SDAWP : Yeah, little bit of a proud mom moment right there.

From Harry.Brake from Delawareeeeee! : Karen, love it - how do you determine what tips fit them?

From Peggy George : I can see why Janet!

From Karen Fasimpaur : Peggy, it's a hack for work that was midstream and was completely dependent on f2f

From Karen Fasimpaur : Harry, they just get what they get. But on the back is a link to a page with a variety of topics and invitation to email/call/text me for indiv support

From Peggy George : very creative!

From Bud Hunt, CSUWP : As I heard that “SI was taken away,” I was reminded of this model for a virtual and synchronous SI that seems extra relevant and useful right now.

From Harry.Brake from Delawareeeeee! : Thanks Bud, cool stuff

From Alicia Rhoads, 2nd grade Pepper Drive : Thanks for sharing this! SDAWP has been really doing a great job of making sure we still get our experience. I am hoping to get the work for the demo fingers crossed!

From Peggy George : Karen can I sign up for your tiny tech tips emails? I would love to see them!!

From Peggy George : Flipgrid is providing amazing opportunities!!!

From Harry.Brake from Delawareeeeee! : Same karen, I would love to receive those, VERY cool idea!

From Jeremy Hyler CRWP : Yes, I am amazed at the things Flipgrid is doing for parents/teachers/students.

From Christina C. : @bud yes, I was noticing that comment also. Lots of SIs are already hybrid and run throughout the year so the virtual models that develop this year will be so important to learn from.

From Harry.Brake from Delawareeeeee! : Listening to the AP Kaplan History review sessions helped me redesign how I handle a Zoom chat and make it totally different from the zombie zoom syndrome students are seeing and feeling

From Peggy George : Tell us what you learned Harry! :-)

From Janet HSHMC independent Studies 8-12, SDAWP : Have to head off to another meeting, will check the video and chat. This is so cool friends! I leave you with my very talented daughter…

From Bud Hunt, CSUWP : bye, janet!

From Peggy George : Great to see you Janet!!

From Christina C. : As a side note, working on a project with Joe Dillon to create ELA lessons/worlds in Minecraft EDU. But Minecraft EDU doesn’t run-on Chromebooks right now, so that’s unfortunate.

From Karen Fasimpaur : Peggy/Harry,'s a kind of "in process" (not quite public) page for this:

From Bud Hunt, CSUWP : OH - where do I learn more about the minecraft project, Christina?

From Peggy George : Thank you Karen!!!

From Harry.Brake from Delawareeeeee! : Thanks Karen!

From Christina C. : @bud - will send you an email … we are doing a teacher feedback session next Thursday (just organizing)

From Jessica Early, CAWP and NWP : Christina, I am interested in Minecraft too! Would love to learn more.

From Harry.Brake from Delawareeeeee! : With Zoom and Kaplan ( I recorded an audio live of one of the session if you want to get from me (my email is harry/[email protected])

From Harry.Brake from Delawareeeeee! : [email protected]

From Christina C. : Great Jessica!

From Alicia Rhoads, 2nd grade Pepper Drive : Christina, I would too! I have students who would really do well with that

From Bud Hunt, CSUWP : Thanks, @Christina!

From Peggy George : That would be great Harry! Thanks! I’ll email you.

From Harry.Brake from Delawareeeeee! : But he probes questions and silences all, then uses chat, then goes back and elaborates on the chat responses- and then

From Harry.Brake from Delawareeeeee! : pulls up a whiteboard and takes the chat and audio and turns into a live interactive walk through sites

From Christina C. : @Alicia, great - will you post your email here

From Alicia Rhoads, 2nd grade Pepper Drive : [email protected]

From Harry.Brake from Delawareeeeee! : And he constantly moves students between chat, then on the screen but silenced so people have time to work on their own without audio, then audio on, and it WORKS

From Harry.Brake from Delawareeeeee! : and simulates individual sessions with the chat still open, and yet some individual freedom while someone is there, screen not necessarily need to be on all the time - it is GREAT

From Harry.Brake from Delawareeeeee! : I have been asked to come into school, no one there, principal and me, preparing academic packets for every student who does not have access, lol and get 100 emails /questions from students about their classes, not to the teachers, but to me, HYSTERICAL - they feel more comfortable with a library setting and has carried over to the out of school too, funny

From Jeremy Hyler CRWP : The media keeps stating that schools are closed here in Michigan and teachers are frustrated. I echo what Bud has said when it comes to the amount of works teachers/educators/librarians are doing.

From Karen Fasimpaur : I have a Libby postcard!

From Peggy George : Some great resources and ideas here for librarians and teachers: “Preparing for an Extended School Closing - Resources for School Librarians”

From Harry.Brake from Delawareeeeee! : Awesome Peggy!

From Peggy George : You’re all making such great points!!

From Harry.Brake from Delawareeeeee! : Most schools around us have something with no personality like Edmentum, where no new info or cool info can be added, it is self run and worked to get the schools to have something right away when this all happened, BUT

From Harry.Brake from Delawareeeeee! : did not allow for anything impulsive or new to be added and the students are complaining about the lack of any personality or interesting info, over and over and over they say this

From Peggy George : Harry, your point about student comfort with their librarian is so powerful! Obviously your focus is on relationships and that’s exactly what they need!

From Jeremy Hyler CRWP : I am not sure with the way technology moves and advances today if “Digital Native” is a useful term anymore.

From Harry.Brake from Delawareeeeee! : the majority in admin. but I also mean state admin, with no regulation to sat every school should be required to have a school library media specialist- people do not realize it is not just shelving books, but a safe space, a mental addition o what the students need, so with no regulation no one is there to push that issue and the school librarian profession is slowly disappearing without advocacy, so sad

From Peggy George : Agree Jeremy! Not sure the term was ever that valuable.

From Jeremy Hyler CRWP : Agreed Peggy.

From Christina C. : provides very physical activities …

From Bud Hunt, CSUWP : It’s a cool resource.

From Christina C. : strikes me how is also a really cool resource to support physical dexterity

From Peggy George : can’t just be using tech to replace the packets and worksheets!!

From Jeremy Hyler CRWP : We will be doing this in the Fall, I am sure.

From Peggy George : that is definitely frightening!!

From Bud Hunt, CSUWP : Teaching has always been about creating cool experiences for children. The trick now is to regularly do so at a distance.

From Harry.Brake from Delawareeeeee! : Agreed Bud but a lot are only considering it now :)

From Bud Hunt, CSUWP : Yep. Let’s blow on the sparks.

From Peggy George : she is adorable!!!

From Alicia Rhoads, 2nd grade Pepper Drive : I have a hard time since we aren’t able to use Zoom, and instead we do Mircosoft teams. I have not been able to figure out how to allow them to share or how to get writing in their own hands in our small group sessions.

From Harry.Brake from Delawareeeeee! : Bud I think that teachers are overwhelmed with feeling no time to do anything but just produce something and not exactly creative just getting the exposure to topics - but that is not enough

From Bud Hunt, CSUWP : The issue of connection from an IT perspective is fascinating right now (and always has been) because designing a “command and control” classroom is far different from creating a “play and explore” one. But the costs for either are roughly the same. Actually, command and control cost more.

From Peggy George : This is awesome!!! Can’t wait to explore the site further! I want to share it in my daily Nuzzel newsletter tomorrow!

From Peggy George : Love the guidance for the adult writing! Very helpful advice!

From Alicia Rhoads, 2nd grade Pepper Drive : That would be so helpful to share with my families. I have so many parents concerned with spelling, and not the content.

From Peggy George : so true Alicia! they just don’t know how to help or why it’s important to model for the kids.

From Bud Hunt, CSUWP : You put the seed in the cup and the seed grows. It’s a miracle every time!

From Alicia Rhoads, 2nd grade Pepper Drive : By having the cycles it could really help in how we plan our writing with students make it meaningful for them and I can see how this can work online

From Melissa Chapple : The little girl holding the seed was once in my 1st grade class

From Peggy George : these experiences definitely inspire writing, talking and thinking!

From Bud Hunt, CSUWP : fresh and crispy blooms!

From Bud Hunt, CSUWP : Earlier today, I heard an entomologist express disappointment at the name “murder hornets” because all hornets murder things - and insect names should be special - it didn’t make me feel better about murder hornets. or hornets. or bugs at all.

From Peggy George : fabulous multi sensory experiences!! love it!

From Jeremy Hyler CRWP : Have you seen the short video where honeybees will actually swarm and eat Murder Hornets? It was encouraging. Lol!

From Alicia Rhoads, 2nd grade Pepper Drive : Go honeybees!

From Peggy George : interesting Bud!!!

From Peggy George : those butterflies are beautiful!!

From Tanya Baker, NWP : Bud, stop listening to the murder hornet news. Its the last straw.

From Bud Hunt, CSUWP : It’s really terrible. And I keep catching it.

From Peggy George : Have you seen this site? Wishing Trees around the World

From Peggy George : sad but true Harry!!!!

From Peggy George : that’s fabulous!!! teaching a cooking class!!

From Harry.Brake from Delawareeeeee! : Yes, teachers need to feel empowered to reach beyond what sometimes is the program the school hands down

From Harry.Brake from Delawareeeeee! : it is still possible to work around those plans handed down

From Bud Hunt, CSUWP : Lots of library summer reading programs are compliance driven, too. (And when they can’t be, maybe we can rethink what those look like.)

From Harry.Brake from Delawareeeeee! : agreed Bud - I think that is the window of chance to see what interesting can be

From Alicia Rhoads, 2nd grade Pepper Drive : We are avoiding using the words “summer learning” since parents are not okay with us being on break and not continuing this learning in the summer.

From Alicia Rhoads, 2nd grade Pepper Drive : I wonder if libraries could help ease those parents’ concerns and help encourage/engage the others

From Harry.Brake from Delawareeeeee! : there is much that elementary has to offer in lessons to give to high school to reintroduce them to what FUN is in in education

From Harry.Brake from Delawareeeeee! : couldn't some of the projects created by younger students somehow involve high school students, - would be cool to somehow connect one lower grade level to a higher level to create feedback and enthusiasm

From Judy Buchanan, PhilWP and NWP : yes! That would be fabulous - even writing books for young children and creating these texts.

From Fred Mindlin : Thanks for that idea, Harry—many of the classes I work with already had “buddy classes” and did shared reading and writing activities—would be great to continue that in virtual…

From Harry.Brake from Delawareeeeee! : that does drive the numbness of the tech Melissa, absolutely

From Bud Hunt, CSUWP : “it was so beautiful to just start knowing them”

From Peggy George : and you know their parents too!! it’s a win win!!

From Harry.Brake from Delawareeeeee! : the transition

From Peggy George : SomeGoodNews youtube channel!!

From Jessica Early, CAWP and NWP : THANK YOU!

From Peggy George : You are all awesome!!!! Thank you so much for sharing and for all that you do!!!

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