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George is a 9th grade student in Brooklyn, New York, who lives in East New York and takes the train to Park Slope for school. He immigrated from Santo Domingo with his mother, an older sister and two brothers in November 2010, in the middle of his 5th grade year. He tested at the 77th percentile in Spanish when he first entered the NYC school system.

He has been left back two times, once in 3rd grade in Dominican Republic, and again in 7th grade at Francis E. Carter Middle School in Bushwick, Brooklyn. He is classified as SIFE (Student with Interrupted Formal Education), which was determined when he first entered the school system. According to George, he has never stopped attending school; however, if he started at 5 years old and was only held back twice, then there are two years missing somewhere.

This is George’s first year in high school, so his guidance counselors and administration have not specified a plan of action for his age and grade level and graduation. George’s plan is to change schools next year and complete high school at a transfer school, Manhattan Comprehensive Day and Night.

He says struggles with concentration and likes to “look around, and that wastes time.” His comprehension of English is Advanced, and his productive language skills slightly lower.

His favorite part of the school day is art, drawing in particular, but he is happy with any medium. His work is meticulous and detailed. He often represents information visually in his notes. The most challenging subject for George is science because there is “too many ideas to remember.”

He is able to complete tasks on a computer, but says he is not comfortable using one because he types slowly. He enjoys video games like Black Ops and Need for Speed. He is comfortable sending emails for communication and when he misses class. The largest struggle for George is attendance - he misses 1-2 days a week on average. Sometimes he says he is helping his mother, and other times he just doesn’t feel like coming to school.

George does not have an IEP but he does have difficulties controlling his emotions. When discussing the death of his father over 8 years ago, he is overcome with grief. Some days he is focussed in class and able to keep up with all tasks, and other days he is like a completely different person, unfocused and playful, completing almost no work.

DMU Timestamp: May 11, 2020 21:16

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