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Author: Chris Sloan

Nora is the president of the photography club at my school. She came to me last year as a ninth grader and said she wanted to have a photography club. I told her that she could take photography next year, and then advanced photo after that, but she was insistent, she wanted to have a photography club. I agreed to be the faculty moderator. She had a few meetings last year, and demonstrated enough proficiency that I told her to skip the intro class and take the advanced class. This year Nora is enrolled in Advanced Photography. I have to admit I was surprised when she said she wanted to continue with the photography club again this year because I thought being in the class would satisfy her photo needs. But she was insistent, and the group has been meeting regularly after school in my classroom. Last month Nora had the club focus on light painting, and the session was well received, so much so that another session was scheduled for the students who couldn’t make the first one.

nora light painting sized.jpg

Nora is passionate about photography but is very timid and quiet when you talk to her. In fact, her mom knew nothing about her starting a photography club at school, and was surprised to learn that Nora was behind it all. Additionally (and I don’t think this should be published without Nora’s permission), she takes medications for anxiety and ADHD. On top of all that, this fall she missed a lot of school due to a heart condition and may need to have a pacemaker implanted. Despite all this, Nora remains passionate about the club and her own photography. She is always on the lookout for new projects for the club to do and looks forward to having fun with Youth Voices playlists this spring.

DMU Timestamp: May 11, 2020 21:16

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