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My favorite word is broken. This is my favorite because if you knew my story you would get more and more why this is my favorite word. You can sound out broken like Bro·ken. I say this word a lot because it has had a big impact on my life and I could even use it to describe my life sometimes. Broken has many different meanings but I love this meaning (having been fractured or damaged and no longer in one piece or in working order). Broken can mean someone giving up or stop trying. But broken to me is something or someone who is so hurt that it doesn't work anymore and that they are in many pieces.Broken is a very interesting word and is used a lot if you think about it. When I was younger I took my mom's phone and ran around the house and then I went to the staries and threw her phone down the stairs and threw her phone down and it ended up being broken and I ran away and hid under the bed. Another time I was jumping on the bed and my sister came and joined me and we were jumping so hard that the bed broke and the part under the bed was broken and we had to go get a new bed frame and a new bed and we got in trouble. These are examples of the word broken and this is why I like the word broken.

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