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TTT 07.22.2020 What does "The Mindful Writing Workshop" look like now with remote classrooms in the ongoing stress and trauma?

Author: Teachers Teaching Teachers

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Jul-23-20 Transcript of the chat during our conversation

Richard Koch is coming to TTT to give us an update on a book he published before COVID about "Teaching in the Age of Stress and Trauma."
We invite you to join us!
Here are three ways to connect:
In his recent book, The Mindful Writing Workshop,, Richard Koch makes an urgent, straightforward call to action for writing teachers.
Students who have experienced trauma need caring and supportive teachers, and they need learning challenges to arrive accompanied by skillful scaffolding that can help them succeed at the challenges (Craig, 61). They need for this to occur in a predictable and safe learning community. Making the steps of workshop predictable is something teachers have been working on for a while. Making the classroom discourse community consistently safe and supportive, we now see, is equally important. (p. 5 & 6)
Now, more than ever, our students "need caring and supportive teachers!" How do we do that online and at a distance? And, yes we must provide "learning challenges... accompanied by skillful scaffolding." Again, we're doing the best we can, but this balance between rigor and support is hard to do when we can't be with our students.
Given our current situation, I asked Richard Koch to join us on Teachers Teaching Teachers to give us an update.
Richard asked me, "What is your specific goal for this session—if that can be put into words?"
I wrote back:
Good question. My thoughts keep shifting as I read more of your book. But in general, we have been building an online community of teachers who use since 2003. For the last three years, one of the hubs of this community has been LRNG playlists that we use to share curriculum with each other Recently -- given uncertain online learning -- I've been suggesting that we might pull things a bit tighter, thus: Also worth mentioning in terms of scaffolds (although you use this word in broader ways than this) are these guides that help create the Youth Voices ethos: SO... I'm interested in your thoughts about how we can blend this work with more attention to mindfulness and trauma-informed pedagogy. What would your mindful writing workshops look like online?
We invite you to join us in this ongoing, multi-modal conversation. Here are three places to connect:

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Added July 23, 2020 at 6:43am by Paul Allison
Title: Transcript of the chat during our conversation


From Anna Maine :

From Peggy George : Hi everyone! Great to be here with all of you!!

From Alicia Rhoads : What an amazing teaching cohort!

From Peggy George : I’m a happy lurker joining you from Phoenix AZ! Huge fan and supporter of all of these amazing teachers on Youth Voices! I’m a retired elementary principal and former University pre-service instructor.

From Peggy George : Thanks for being my voice! :-)

From Chris Sloan : Hi Peggy. Good to see you again

From Janet Ilko : Love seeing you Peggy!

From Janet Ilko : Chris, did you get the face masks?

From Peggy George : Thanks Janet and Chris!

From Chris Sloan : Yes Janet. Thanks so much! I’m going to use the mask for sure

From Anna Maine To Paul Allison(privately) : I'm still having internet issues. I'm going to try logging out and rejoining in a moment

From Peggy George : love that thought! a lot like being together when you relax over a cup of coffee and just talk.

From Peggy George : trust seems to be such an important thing to encourage engagement regardless of what you’re doing!

From Janet Ilko : Kiran we have set up mentor groups for our incoming ninth graders, each mentor group about 10-12 students and they have been Zooming and texting over the summer. It seems to be working, just a few times a week to check in to make them feel more a part of our campus.

From Anna Maine : We are doing DL, but now debating all the logistical details

From Janet Ilko : I think the key will be to reassure our families and kids that we are not going in as reactionary, but with a purpose.

From Peggy George : Janet, love your mentor group process!

From Christina Cantrill :

From Christina Cantrill : virtual charter schools are targeting families around here is another aspect of this.

From Peggy George : great link Christina!

From Anna Maine : I'm also concerned about the way DL traumatized our students and the start of the new schoolyear will trigger them again (like the burned-out feeling Harry described earlier). And my worry is that traumatized students will simply disengage.

From Christina Cantrill : Here are two videos with Richard doing Life Map activities: and

From Peggy George : Thanks! Can’t wait to watch those!!!

From Janet Ilko : Peggy I clicked on it and it auto started lol. Sorry team!

From Peggy George : haha Janet. I was wondering where that came from because my video wasn’t playing. :-)

From Harry.Brake from Delawareeeeee! : Anna, we worry about that most, the students we have taught over the summer have asked to meet during the summer occasioanally eading up to school to have

From Harry.Brake from Delawareeeeee! : leading up to school to have periodic game nights to help theme ease their anxiety online etvc

From Harry.Brake from Delawareeeeee! : etc

From Harry.Brake from Delawareeeeee! : Sorry - my chat message came out misspelled, lol, students were actually asking for non educational online zooms to just experience the no expectations sessions, thought that was interesting - :)

From Janet Ilko : Harry I love that idea!

From Anna Maine : Aw that's sweet! I have been trying to incorporate more games into summer school for that reason.

From Peggy George : That makes a lot of sense Harry!!! I think it’s a great idea!!! Let them have some fun with each other!

From Harry.Brake from Delawareeeeee! : Sorry, I took the video off - my Mom had to go to the hospital and she called, lol and making sure she is okay since we cannot visit, and all is well, I had to take that call, will turn on in a second :) lol

From Peggy George : yes!!! the presence of a caring adult!!! that is such an important point!

From Janet Ilko : I totally understand Harry, my father in law is in a senior living place, and we can only visit certain times… it is really tough right now. Do what you need to do, family first.

From Harry.Brake from Delawareeeeee! : agree with that statement ALOT - a lot of teachers during the school year feel they do not have the time to show the care they want to- ironically, this has allowed that to happen more, ironic

From Harry.Brake from Delawareeeeee! : Hope all is well Janet- you realize the overall impacts of this when someone in the family has to do the things we hear about on the news, crazy

From Peggy George : students really appreciate the authenticity from the teacher

From Janet Ilko : I think now is the time for true authenticity. We all need to be real. We will lose them if we aren’t, and in distance learning, it is so much easier to check out.

From Peggy George : yes Janet!!!!

From Harry.Brake from Delawareeeeee! : it is almost that every teacher has to do something very different, something they do not expect from our presentation, to see this difference as inviting

From Peggy George : many teachers are not used to making themselves vulnerable with their students and have felt they needed to keep things “under control”

From Harry.Brake from Delawareeeeee! : something the students do not expect, (sorry) to see the experience in the fall in inviting rather that mind numbing

From Christina Cantrill : Link to download book is available here:

From Janet Ilko : That is truly amazing. Thank you.

From Peggy George : How generous to provide a free download! I just purchased it for my Kindle on Amazon and happy to be able to do that!

From Harry.Brake from Delawareeeeee! : Thanks for the download link - this will be a great look - and examination to help!

From Christina Cantrill :

From Peggy George : the choice is very important!! I love how he said “I get to…” and not “I have to…” Difference between choice and assignments.

From Kiran Chaudhuri : How do you get kids to show their faces on the screen? The intimacy of videoconferencing is a double edged sword. It’s too intense for them to be visible. Not to mention, too public for the private space they are actually in - whatever corner they have at home (bed, the bathroom, the couch), or privacy, or quiet, or space, or organized space, or enough internet to support video. I would feel ambivalent about telling them, “Take a minute, put on your hood and re-angle your camera, so you can turn on your video”.

From Harry.Brake from Delawareeeeee! : we did a few exercises where we each drew something together line by line, or writing line by line, and if it is graphic I show mine on camera, and ask to see theirs, and slowly, they are willing to show theirs and that leads too them being more willing to show their face, lol, it worked with some

From Janet Ilko : Kiran, we have to have kids turn it on at least once per lesson, I like your angle idea. Yes, my kids don’t feel comfortable sharing their environment. Now we did have a cooking class over the summer at my school that was extremely successful. We had teachers deliver the ingredients to the home, and kids posted their photos of cooking healthy meals. That broke the ice of using a photo. It is a touch situation also if internet is an issue, having the camera on uses more bandwidth… we just have to be flexible I guess.

From Peggy George : Kiran, using a virtual background would solve the problem of making their home space visible. That’s a good things to do to protect privacy.

From Janet Ilko : I love the idea of sharing the work instead of their face.

From emilywilkinson : I am sorry, but I have to leave now. Thank you for the anecdote and reminding me of the importance of trust. I look forward to delving into your work this week. Thank you everyone!

From Peggy George : bye Emily!

From Kiran Chaudhuri : Take care Emily!

From Janet Ilko : Take care Emily!

From Anna Maine : teaching summer school right now, all 8 students keep their cameras off all the time

From Anna Maine : even that scenario sounds pretty good right now...

From Janet Ilko : I wonder how the baseball players will feel tomorrow with card board people on the field?

From Janet Ilko : In the stands

From Peggy George : What a wonderful conversation!!! Thank you all and a huge thanks to Richard for inspiring our thinking tonight!!

From Janet Ilko : I can’t wait to dig into this over the week.

From Peggy George : listening to what our heart wants to tell us! very special language!

From Janet Ilko : I have a friend who talks about listening to the whispers. You need to be quiet.

From Peggy George : I’ve never heard of a news station putting meditation in the middle of the news! wow!

From Christina Cantrill :

From Peggy George : Next week: 3:00 pm Pacific/6i:00 pm Eastern. Hope I can make it!! Sounds really interesting!

From Harry.Brake from Delawareeeeee! : Thanks!

From Christina Cantrill :

From Peggy George : Good night all!

From Anna Maine : Thank you Richard!

From Peggy George : Thanks Christina!!!

From Harry.Brake from Delawareeeeee! : Thanks too everyone!

DMU Timestamp: July 18, 2020 13:26

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