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TTT 07.29.2020 Vote by Design with Lisa Kay Solomon and Sam Ball

Author: Teachers Teaching Teachers

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Jul-30-20 Transcript of the chat during our conversation

Join TTT https:// this Wednesday at 3pm PT/6pm ET where we’ll talk with Lisa Kay Solomon and Sam Ball about how we can bring the 2020 elections into our classrooms in these highly partisan times. (NOTE EARLIER TIME)

Lisa Kay Solomon will share with us the story of how she and her colleagues at the Stanford developed the resource Vote by Design, “a non-partisan learning experience designed to promote civic engagement and agency among all voters.” Filmmaker Sam Ball is one of the founders of Citizen Film. Sam’s film American Creed (2018) features a “range of citizen-activists striving to realize their own visions of America’s promise across deep divides.”

Given the uncertainties surrounding going back to school this fall, we’re also curious how Lisa and Sam envision teachers using their resources. Join us as they help us think of ways to design their learning experiences to work in face-to-face, hybrid, and/or completely online settings.

Note the time change for this week. TTT will be Wednesday, 7/29, at 3pm PT/4pm MT/5pm Central/6pm ET.

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Added July 30, 2020 at 7:50am by Paul Allison
Title: Transcript of the chat during our conversation


From Chris Sloan :

From Chris Sloan :

From Janet Ilko : Hi team, I am here, but the computer is acting up for some reason and so I have my video off.

From Paul Allison : Hi Janet.

From Janet Ilko : I think they have the potential to make a much better president than we currently have in office friends.

From Chris Sloan : VbD educator resource:

From Chris Sloan : Presidential podcast:

From Chris Sloan : Link to podcasts on iTunes:

From Janet Ilko : I think setting up a time to play around with this as a group might be a great opportunity.

From Chris Sloan : @Janet agreed

From emilywilkinson : I like that idea, @Janet!

From Tanya Baker : +1@Janet

From emilywilkinson : I have been on the Nearpod site and it’s a bit difficult to navigate.

From Janet Ilko : That family component is important, as many kids will be working from home, and this would inspire working together in something that directly applies to life at the moment.

From Janet Ilko : But those lived experiences and the discussion around them is what makes this so great.

From Janet Ilko : Chris I agree. I think the empowerment aspect of the futures thing. Especially, looking at what is instead of what could and should be.

From Chris Sloan : @Janet so true

From Janelle Bence : Speculative Fiction Reading List for 9th graders, please. I’m @Janelle on Twitter

From Tanya Baker : +1 again, @Janet :-)

From Janet Ilko : I saw Hamiliton for the first time, thank you Disney. I can't stop thinking about the parody, "I wasn't in the zoom where it happened, the zoom where it happened, the zoom where it happened."

From Ah-Young Song : Ha!

From jane.higgins : I agree that the discussions are invaluable to share those lived experiences, but we may need to consider where those discussions go when that story is yours

From Tanya Baker : Ha! @Janet

From Tanya Baker : @Jane. I appreciate your keeping this concern on the table. And helping teachers be prepared to help kids with that….

From Harriet Fayne To Paul Allison(privately) : Thanks for inviting me. Makes me want to go back in time and teach high school social studies again.

From emilywilkinson : Especially considering our undocumented students

DMU Timestamp: July 23, 2020 19:52

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